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+ - Cooling 35 servers... In your bedroom?

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Nullpoint writes "I have recently acquired a VERY old IBM 42u rack mount. A good friend of mine is the head of Infosec for a very large corporation in the area who cycle their servers every two years to maintain their budget, because of this I have come into the possession of 36 IBM xSeries 335 DUAL P4 XEON 2.4Ghz 1U Blade Servers to fit into this rack. All of this is currently sitting in my bedroom in my apartment. Chances are I am going to sell all of these off on eBay, but first I want to get them all running. This is every geek's wet dream, so I want to play with them for a while. Everything runs great until the apartment starts to heat up to the point the servers shut off. My AC is running on max. The rack is completely enclosed except for the front, and has a small vent on the back. This, obviously, causes issues with heat. I cant afford a new rack, and I am looking for cost effective (And preferably) creative solutions. Any ideas?"

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