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Comment But this is normal (Score 2) 142 142

Maybe I'm strange, but I spend my days managing websites. Which are essentially virtual newspapers / magazines/ posters/ directories/ whatever. So what if it is a online designed 3d room, its just a online facility people pay for.

I feel a strange separation to my work, because I know in 1000 years from now, no one will ever no I was alive or a person. There won't be an antiques roadshow describing how wonderful/shit my work was, my work wont exist it will be simply gone. Ancient potters, blacksmiths, artist, or architects don't have this problem, part of their work can survive. Something physical something real.

I would love to listen to the future documentaries describing how "clever" we are with our "Internet" and "condoms" and our "iPads". But how simple we were for not realising that we should really have a centralised computer attached to our brains, that can simply kill all the sperm in a man's body before we have sex, by analysing our thoughts and electro-shocking our testicles.

I'm kinda sad that I wont see the future.

Comment Re:Best Buy + iTunes? (Score 1) 187 187

I think there must be something wrong with me I have a range of intermediate feelings that the internet just isn't ready for. Currently on the internet you are allowed the following opinion about objects:
  • MegaLove(create a fan website, yours will be the real fan website)
  • Like (join a bunch of fan websites)
  • Hate
  • Meh(also known as n00b)

My brain works sideways and I just can't pick an option.

I get the same problem when surveyed about how often I do things:

  • Always
  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never

My brain always goes, well sometimes I do it often, like for a week, and then I'll stop doing it for a month. And if you look at the whole of my life I practically never do it , considering it takes not much time to do, and for a third of my life im sleeping. But for the time when I am doing it I Always do it

Comment Re:Best Buy + iTunes? (Score 1) 187 187

I've never had problems playing anything in itunes and I run it on Windows. I don't particularly like itunes, but I don't hate it. I'm entrenched into using itunes more or less because that is what I thought I needed for audio books. 2 years later it seems to me far to much effort to change to something else. My only real complaint with itunes is the one download policy- buy music and you only have one chance to download it. - that seems the worst of it though. I have read a fair bit of comments saying that itunes is crap. But to me its much like windows vista, yes it has some annoying features, but with some configuring they are all but gone, and with some time you end up used to how it performs.

Comment Experts Again! (Score 1) 96 96

"Security experts are calling on... ". Zap
Expert Experts are encouraging Security Experts to change their language from "calling on" to "asking". The Expert Experts believe that "calling on" is one way street and "asking" would open a "dialogue". This "dialogue" can help with "discussion" of a "three point plan", allowing possible evolution of the solution to a "two point plan", a "one point plan" or an "item of consideration".
The Expert Experts think that by "calling on" the Security Experts may be ignored. If any Expert is ignored it is often implied they are not Experts which is not a desirable outcome.

Comment Re:Now there are two gaps .. (Score 1) 194 194

Part of me reads this and thinks: "this is a great way to troll"
  • 1. Take an unpopular position in an argument. Take it deep into your persona, including backstory.
  • 2. Sound reasonable, polite and upset, without actually asserting your position or defending it.
  • 3. ???????
  • 4. Troll profit!

Comment Re:CLI is no longer essential (Score 1) 720 720

You haven't read the article either, have you? I'll bet you've never administered an enterprise scale network, too.

I read the article, And it does't mention Turing machines at all.But was talking about your comment and the comment prior with no relation to the article.

No I haven't administered an enterprise scale network. The networks I have administered have not been that large. However whether I have or have not administered an enterprise scale network has zero weight over whether your argument was logical falicy, in this case a strawman (I looked it up). Which it is your argument about a Turing Machine is a strawman:
Straw Man Arguing against a position which you create specifically to be easy to argue against, rather than the position actually held by those who oppose your point of view.
and further more this:

You haven't read the article either, have you? I'll bet you've never administered an enterprise scale network, too.

is Ad Hominem. You are attacking the person and not the argument.
I only object because your authority, being a sys admin and you've read the article. - perhaps you would like to elaborate why you cant do certain things with a GUI. How can simple plebs like me be expected to learn about this when bastions of knowledge like yourself hold back?

As a side track : would you call the consoles on the "Starship Enterprise" a CLI or GUI?

Comment Re:Calvin and Hobbes FTW! (Score 1) 316 316

I must say Calvin's best discovery is his thought experiment on the equation 5+6

He examins the problem by taking two planets of size 5 and 6 and colliding them. The collision obliterates planet 5, leaving only 6. Therefore 5+6 = 6

But the thing is Tigers don't need math.

Comment Re:printf ("Enough Already, World.\n"); (Score 1) 720 720

I agree I enjoy having multiple terminal windows open. CLI in GUI is great. It also means you can watch startrek while having a terminal open and doing work (by work I mean watching startrek until shit hits the fan). To me a CLI is essentially a programming tool that compiles your code and runs it straight away. much like the python can. You have Resources and functions you can run, Its essentially iterative programming at its simplest, which I think is an essential skill these days, all kids should know how to program a computer (at least understand the fundamentals of programming). -- However I can't deny that clicking something is far quicker than typing it. Are there any Operating Systems with no underlying CLI. iOS maybe?

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