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by funky_vibes (#45793705) Attached to: How Ya Gonna Get 'Em Down On the UNIX Farm?

Do you understand what RTFM means?
If anyone, _ever_, tells you this, they're probably right, you didn't read the manual, and are now being a self-righteous prick expecting to be spoonfed by others for free. It's not even hostility. It's a helpful indication that you need to go back and read that manual, and it's for your own good.

I understand how it can be confusing, when coming from an environment like Windows, where you have "Help on how to use help", and support personnel will gladly spend hours helping you fix all kinds of trivial problems, including problems caused by you.
But these people are being PAID to babysit you.

In the end, as we've seen, people are always going to gravitate toward the systems utilizing the biggest marketing bag-o-tricks, there's no other magic here.

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by funky_vibes (#45790769) Attached to: How Ya Gonna Get 'Em Down On the UNIX Farm?

I agree with what you say, but I don't think this really boils down to a GUI vs CLI argument. There are a lot of badly made CLI jumbo-apps too. Things where programmers have been too lazy to divide a program into constituent parts necessary for reuse, or create a proper UI.

I think the problem is that GUIs only evolved for a short time in the 80s and beginning of the 90s, at which time people also dreamed of graphical interfaces that would some day allow advanced computer interaction. As seen in many of the cyberpunk movies from that time.

But that never happened.
Instead, for 20 years, all GUIs have continued to be rehashes of the same kind of simplistic UI mostly designed for small children to interact with games and leisure.
The over-extension of these GUI systems well past their best-before date can be considered similar to the pictograph system. Which has become tedious and unusable for more complex tasks.

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by funky_vibes (#45399137) Attached to: US FDA Moves To Ban Trans Fat

You can't say it has anything to do with the very UNIQUE obesity problem of Americans.
The rest of the world does not have the same problems of obesity. Some parts, like south asia have a carbohydrate intake as high as 90%.
There are huge amounts of other, more likely factors, like all the unhealthy amounts of fats in everything, the injection of waste product (mostly artificial) transfats, primitive GMO that has been used for decades and monocultures of crop.

You could blame any one of these factors, but no, you choose to blame the most common things we've eaten for 100k years.
To conclude that it has only been a "minor" part of our diet is simply wrong, there is no evidence to prove either way. However, I'm not going to listen to the cult of people who have jumped to conclusions and lied innumerable times.
At least people who've proposed the classic diets are honest about their evidence.

I live in the LCHF mecca of Sweden, and I can tell you that this whole thing has started off as a religious cult. And it's backed by huge amounts of money (from the meat industry maybe?)
So, be careful about who you put your trust in.

I will read your document and get back to you, it seems to have original research and new information.

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