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Comment We've been doing just this for years (Score 1) 210

The iphone/android makes a better remote, in that it's always in your pocket or nearby to start with, but it's basically the same idea as a tablet remote. I've actually started watching more TV in the last few years despite not having a TV, because it's so easy to find a show I'd like to watch and then watch it, when I want to watch it. The Mobile Mouse app on my phone lets me use the laptop/projector combo in our living room from anywhere, and anyone with a phone can do it to. It's too bad that it's still fairly difficult to get specific content on a computer these days though - it's still much easier to just pirate shows than it is to find a legitimate site to download or stream it - THAT is the epic fail in my opinion.

Comment It's not actually an ebook reader, but (Score 2, Interesting) 684

I use my Iphone for reading most books these days. Back in the day, I used to travel a lot for work, and usually had a stack of books on my crusty old palm pilot, which was nice for carrying around, especially since I used it for a lot of other things as well.

These days, I don't go anywhere without my phone, and I find the screen just fine for reading books. A lot better than the old palm pilot. Since I'm already carrying the phone, the e-reader is basically free.

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