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Comment Re:One huge problem still (Score 1) 173

I saw total recall,I know what we need to do. All we have to do is re-ignite the alien fusion reactor in Mars' core which will within about 30 seconds, turn the core molten, restore the magnetic field and produce a breathable atmosphere. It'll even be fast enough that if you get thrown out onto the surface, you will struggle to breath for about 30 seconds, your eyes will bulge out of your head, but as the pressure equalizes you'll be ok, and you'll have saved everyone on Mars from the grip of an evil corporation.

Comment Re:Do you like DVDs that crap out on that one scen (Score 1) 367

I liked PC Gamer's review of Extreme Paint Brawl (lowest score ever at the time mainly due to the fact that the game wasn't fun and was buggy as hell). That was a game that was so buggy as to be unplayable. a few glitches, crashes etc that are common in modern games, I can over look them as I know they'll be fixed. Another problem with reviews is that the game they get to play, isn't the same game you buy on day one. It's pre-release, so it has MORE bugs. What is the point of saying the game sucks because of this one bug that is at the beginning of the game blah blah blah... focus on that bug, but if that bug isn't in the final release, you look petty as a writer.

Comment Re:VESA-mountable PCs (Score 1) 197

The problem with VESA mountable PCs for this usage, most times you want to mount the monitors on the wall. you can't if you're using the mounting holes to hold a PC... better to use video extenders from a server room/wiring closet with old repurposed laptops. or small NUC like computers driving multiple monitors. from far away.

Comment Re:I'm usually behind the EFF on everything (Score 1) 232

One thing that has been a major point is in the the Transgender/Drag community. Legal name changes take time and Transgendered people have to jump through hoops to get their name and gender changed legally. And in the case of the drag community, those names tend to be stage names.

Comment voicemail to email (Score 1) 237

My Cell transcribes all voicemail to text, my work and home voicemail forward a wav to my email... This is imo a much more efficient way to handle voicemail, rather than seeing the 100 "as a valued westjet customer you are awarded 1000 reward points please press 1" and having to listen to each one and delete each one, I can see oh yeah, skip, skip, skip, oh I was waiting to hear from that guy, lets see what he has to say.

I log into my work voicemail once every 3-6 months to change the outgoing message to say i'm away... I usually have to change my voicemail password at that time too...

Email is a much better way to get a hold of people these days.

Comment Re:When the rocket is standing on the pad (Score 2) 67

in a word... Fairings - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P...

The seagull poops on the fairings (if it's even able to get that far, i'm sure they have cannons, falcons, and a lot of other usual bird removal methods at a launchpad, probably more than your average airport), the bugs splatter against the fairings, the actual probe/vessel that was sterilized before putting it into the sealed fairing, will remain sterilized as long as the seals hold. they are removed long before they get to the destination and become space junk...

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