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Comment Re:Hyperbolic Stories About Laser Illumination Inc (Score 2) 161

So, it has to cause permanent blindness before it passes the Anonymous Idiot test?

How can anyone be so wrong about "not one single person..." in this age of Google?


The list goes on and on.

Comment Sigh... (Score 1) 360

I've lived in Japan for almost 25 years. Here we go again with another new-to-Japan reporter writing about things they don't understand completely out of context. And even outright nonsense...

Comment If you want to hire the brightest (Score 0) 249

you'll have a hard time finding them among US kids.

The US ranks 36th in the world in math, reading and science. The top seven are all from Asia. More than 25% of the US are below the median, and only 8% are above. More than 55% of the top seven countries are above the median and only about 8% are below.

There is the problem. While you're giving everyone trophies and thinking about the racial mix of a classroom, the rest of the world is studying.

Comment Lousy Reporting... (Score 1) 190

The Wired and other headlines at Drudge Report and other places are false. The "Feds" did not say he tampered with anything. They only say that he said that he did. There is no evidence that he did what he said he did.

It's ironic that he had just lost funding for his long-time project to try to prove that flight control systems could be tampered with . . .

Comment Where did other attack come from? (Score 1) 101

The Penn State announcement doesn't mention China at all. The other says an unnamed source said one of the two sources was China. Where was the other?

Other countries are doing exactly what the NSA does. The NSA does the same thing, forwarding technology information and foreign business strategies to US companies by hacking communications through ECHELON, tapping into privately owned infrastructure cables, keylogging and tapping phones at sources.

But that's OK because it's "us" and not "them."

Comment Apple has this down... (Score 3, Insightful) 150

The "Genius Bar" (is that still around?) never gave anyone answers. They just gave you tons of dripping empathy, but no help.

"Yes, I can understand completely how frustrated you must feel; however, Apple doesn't feel that your computer not working is a serious enough issue for us to warrant talking to anyone else in the company who cares or will listen. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Would you like to buy this other shiny piece of matching crap over here that doesn't work either?"

Comment Hmmm. (Score -1, Flamebait) 286

They probably brought in the Indian workers because they wanted the installation to be done quickly and without screw ups and mistakes, instead of by people with their noses stuck in their smartphone 24/7 tweeting, Instragramming, texting, taking selfies, sleeping, smoking pot, taking 2 hour breaks, too fat to bend down, 40% rate of disability claims and unable to come to work because they're having an anxiety attack about their auntie in Buffalo being scared by a spider...

Comment Here's another idea... (Score 4, Informative) 243

How about the ISP's spend a little money to give Americans a first world infrastructure?

I live in Japan and have 200Mps fiber with no caps for about the price of two pizzas per month. I've had at least 100Mps fiber (or 45Mps ADSL) for over ten years. I had 50 Mps fiber in 2000.

No, I don't live in the middle of a big city. I've lived in the suburbs no different than any suburban area or small city in the US, I've lived in the countryside for a year with no fiber, but had 45Mps about eight years ago.

And don't come back with the "US is too biiiiig!" excuse. You have electricity, water and gas, don't you? How did you get that if the area you live in is "Too biiiig!" The density where I live is no more than a place like Nashville, or Arlington Heights, or Jacksonville, or Albuquerque, or Portland, or Anytown, USA.

How did I get reasonable cost, high-speed fiber? Competition. There are no exclusive franchises or politicians controlling the internet business. Companies invested in infrastructure and competed to win customers with better and faster service with lower pricing. Most areas are now wired for 1Gps, and will be opened when the time comes to fill that bandwidth.

Your politicians and unelected regulatory gangs, er, agencies have hoodwinked you into forgetting that investment into infrastructure is amortized and not a fixed cost forever. Price should be going down and service should be better and faster... and ISP's would still be making mountains of money.

I doubt it's going to change, but I do wish you had options and at least 2nd-world service.

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