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Comment: Re:Fitting (Score 1) 54

by fuckamonkey (#35796830) Attached to: Racist Woman Given Indefinite Jury Duty
jury duty is a's something you should feel compelled to do without being compelled to do it by outside forces. the benefit is that you are entitled to a trial by jury in the event that you are accused of a crime. this service isn't free. you pay for it by being a juror yourself when called upon. but, alas, i've already failed by responding to a troll.

Comment: or you could (Score 1) 207

by fuckamonkey (#35759520) Attached to: Involuntary Geolocation To Within One Kilometer
just use this ... It uses data collected from companies you do business with online. I think it uses a logic that goes something like this: X number of people purchasing dildos from gave an address on Blah Blah Road and had an IP address in subnet 10.1.1.x therefore you must be near Blah Blah Road if you are in subnet 10.1.1.x.

Comment: good tablet (Score 1) 193

by fuckamonkey (#35641962) Attached to: Turning Your E-Reader Into a Cheap Tablet
A rooted nook color makes a good e-reader with tablet functionality. Of course, there is no camera or 3G/4G. You do get wifi and angry birds though. I think that makes the $200 admission price quite attractive. Mine has 100,000 pdf books loaded on the SD card. You'll want to get a fast SD card if you're running the root from the card. Naturally, if you're a real man you'll root the device itself.

Comment: this happened to me (Score 1) 469

by fuckamonkey (#35452870) Attached to: Gamer Banned From <em>Dragon Age II</em> Over Forum Post
I had a similar experience with Steam and Fallout: New Vegas. I posted on Steam forums complaining of the difficulties I was having with Steam not letting me play my game in single player mode. My internet connection was down at the time, and Steam locks you out of your game if you aren't connected to the internet. My post was deleted for "discussing piracy". I created a new post and removed all references to piracy, but this post was also deleted. I then discovered that I had been banned from the forums, and my license key had been invalidated. I could no longer play the game that I had paid for. After receiving no real response to numerous emails to Steam and Bethesda I gave up. These companies do not have easily discoverable customer support lines, so there was no one to call. Needless to say, I pirate all my games now.

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