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Comment poison the data (Score 5, Insightful) 259

Some of use don't have the luxury of not using Windows, either because we need to run applications that are only on Windows or we work with or support others who cannot be forced off Windows. What we really need is a hardware firewall that blocks all access to Microsoft domain names and IP addresses. Or even better one that sends bad data to Microsoft. Maybe a nice little distributed computing project would be to know what data Microsoft is collecting and the write and distribute software that keeps feeding Microsoft bogus data to make their data collection less useful. If enough people ran such software, and I believe a lot of people would gladly do it no matter if the were Windows or Linux users, Microsoft might get the message and cut this out.

Comment he promised change (Score 0, Troll) 185

It is a good thing that we are no longer bothered by a Constitution and need Congress to approve such spending and our benevolent King can now do it all himself. But we should be careful, the American public isn't too bright and someday an America hating person, maybe one who wasn't even born in this country, might try to take over and destroy this country by making bad decisions that he isn't legally entitled to make.

Comment Re:Why Ubuntu (Score 1) 59

MINT? You tell me what you use but offer absolutely no information to support it. Might as well be saying " My God is better that your God ". So I give very little value to your input. I've actually seen Mint and used the Live DVDs. As a Live DVD I like it better than Knoppix, which I have used for many years (without really gaining the knowledge of Linux that I would like). But as far as I know Mint is based on Debian and I see no reason to to install Mint over Debian. Maybe you need an install dumbed down, I don't need or want that.

Comment Why Ubuntu (Score 3, Interesting) 59

I'm a life long computer user and have been considered very knowledgeable in some operating systems, but so far I can't claim to be knowledgeable or even comfortable with Linux, although I would like to gain that knowledge. I'm leaning towards Debian. Is there any reason that I should try to learn and use Ubuntu over Debian? If something has been dumbed down at the loss of flexibility or usefulness I would not consider that a "feature".

Comment Some issues with ads (Score 1) 1838

1) Get rid of the "clickbait" ads that are frequently at the bottom of the page. Clickbait ads may not be the most offensive (that honor goes to either pop-ups or forced videos) but they are pretty hated and pretty offensive.

2) If you're going to tell a long time user that they have he ability to disable ads and "Thanks again for helping make Slashdot great! ", then really disable ads, not just a subset of the ads. Makes us feel like you can't even do that right.

3) Quit including ads that look like content (even with the different color).

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