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Comment: Yawn (Score 1) 58

by frovingslosh (#47560051) Attached to: 3-D Printing Comes To Amazon
Big deal. There are already people doing great 3D printing that I can access over the Internet. (I have not used them but a good friend has and the results are pretty good.) So I don't need Amazon for that. And on top of that, Amazon is now charging sales tax for my state even though they currently have no legal presence in my state. So if I'm ordering on-line I would rather do it from someone who's primary focus is 3D printing and who will not charge me tax. Let me know when Amazon has a printer installed in a store front in my city, so that I can pick up the item the same day and at least not have to pay shipping. Until then there are better options.

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by frovingslosh (#47490635) Attached to: Japan To Offer $20,000 Subsidy For Fuel-Cell Cars
The simple answer is that electrolysis is no secret, but hydrogen production isn't being done this way. For whatever reason suits them, the major commercial producers are all using filthy wasteful processes to produce hydrogen from fossil fuel, venting CO, CO2, other harmful gasses and heat into the atmosphere in the process. This is already happening on a major industrial scale in California, you can't pretend that some alternate clean and efficient supply is just going to magically pop up to replace it because that would be sweet. This is just another of many examples where ignorant but well meaning environmental nuts make awful choices because they are incapable of looking at the entire system.

Comment: Absolutely - it is filthy (Score 1) 156

by frovingslosh (#47489645) Attached to: Japan To Offer $20,000 Subsidy For Fuel-Cell Cars
All commercial hydrogen production is filthy and wasteful. It would be far greener to just burn the natural gas in a car than turning a little of it into hydrogen while producing lots more carbon and wasting lots of energy. And it is still a fossil fuel. Fuel cells are for idiots who want to pretend that the hydrogen comes from someplace clean and green for free.

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It is important to get in your comments before the former telecommunication lobbyists at the FCC go ahead and do what they have announced they intend to do, give the telecommunication companies the right to charge the Internet companies that you already pay a monthly fee to gain access to . That way they can pretend that they considered all sides of the issue before they let the telecommunication monopolies gouge the suppliers (and indirectly, you)

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by frovingslosh (#47404839) Attached to: ESA Shows Off Quadcopter Landing Concept For Mars Rovers

I sure don't suspect that. Putting up a GPS constellation is no small task. And here on earth there is a significant Earth bound support network that the GPS network interacts with to keep everything working.

Yes, it seems crazy that a space agency could overlook this. But less crazy than putting an entire GPS system in place. I actually think that this is more likely to be a manifestation of extremely poor journalism. But there is not going to be a GPS system in place over Mars before this gizmo ever attempts to make a landing, and if it really uses GPS in making a landing it isn't going to work.

Comment: Re:better than what we have now (Score -1, Troll) 249

If the person fighting for this has no connection to the child, then he has no connection to the child and should shut the f*** up. I don't get to take advantage of every child's death to promote my beliefs and desires at the expense of others intellectual property, I see no reason why he should. If he has any connection to the child then where was he while the kid was being starved.

Comment: better than what we have now (Score -1) 249

The child was starved to death. Clearly this entitles him to use anyone else's Intellectual Property.

The child is never going to know that he didn't get to be considered a Superman for starving to death, and I really don't feel too bad for those who let him starve and now want a monument.

While I feel no compassion for those who want to hijack Superman in this case, I do agree completely with the idea that our copyright laws have been hijacked by big business (lead by Disney). The Constitution makes it clear that copyright protections are given for a limited time in exchange for the Intellectual Property passing into public domain. To let corporations like Disney buy politicians who openly admit that they never intend for some IP to pass into public domain is another case of American's right being completely disregarded by Washington.

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by frovingslosh (#47402801) Attached to: Uber Is Now Cheaper Than a New York City Taxi
The FAA has some very clear and very strict laws about that. A private pilot can not charge for transporting passengers. The on;y exception to this is that a passenger can pay for, at most, their share of the cost of expenses such as gas. That means if a private pilot transports two other people, each can pay for up to 1/3 of the costs for gas and such but the pilot must pay for his own share. And those costs absolutely can not include things like annual or hourly maintenance costs. If you luck out and find a pilot already making the same trip (I did once) you can get a great deal and help defer some of his costs. But you're not going to see private pilots legally offering their services on any wide spread basis.

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