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Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score -1, Troll) 480

Yes. It is important to not question if Nazis really went to the trouble of tattooing serial numbers on Jews right before killing them and sending them to the ovens. Once people start questioning why they would do that then they might start questioning other things too. Better to simply outlaw free speech and opposing views.

Comment pay attention (Score 4, Insightful) 145

you've actually got to enforce regulations to get them to work or people will defraud others

Pay attention. Over and over again we see government programs that shouldn't exist at all gamed by fraudsters, from welfare to education vouchers. Now you are shocked that this stupid corporate welfare is being gamed and abused? It was obvious that that was going to happen from the very start, and it should be obvious to you that the government never has a history of properly enforcing regulations to stop fraud. The policy is only to expend a tiny amount of effort to catch one or two offenders and "make an example" of them, but the others ignore this and continue collecting taxpayer money. You don't solve this problem by enforcing regulations, you solve this problem by not creating it in the first place, or admitting that it failed and shutting it down.

Comment You kids get off my lawn (Score 1) 24

Did you summon a grumpy old man? Here I am. Of course I've really impressed by this, the printer can print in 10 different materials, .... just as long as all of them are photosensitive polymers. What a crock! Looks like there is still more room for improvement.

Comment no, automatic loser (Score 1) 705

Unfortunately, that is incorrect. Consider the all too common stories of homosexuals who keep their orientation secret and enter into supposedly normal relationships to help conceal it (having children), only to ruin another human being's life later when they come out of the closet. Clearly heterosexuals are more moral than homosexuals, as we never hear of any secret heterosexual who lived a gay life for decades and then came out as straight, destroying their partner's life in the process.

Comment Saudi Arabia (Score -1, Troll) 705

OK, so in Saudi Arabia homosexuality is illegal and may be punished with death, but there are negative things about the country too.

Perhaps if you live in such a country you shouldn't go on a computer network and post information that would lead back to you and get you killed. Sounds like some people earned themselves Darwin Awards.

OK, just kidding, I know we should be more compassionate towards the homosexuals until there is a cure for their sickness,

Comment what system would you propose (Score 2) 249

what system would you propose to better reward drivers

Time and a half for the drivers, with no increase share to Uber itself during times of emergency or extreme demand (it is easy to justify an incentive to get the drivers to work during the crisis, Uber should be working anyway.). Any more would be (and is) gouging.

Comment it is just replacement camera components (Score 0) 68

it is just replacement camera components that are on offer, not replacement iPhones.

How do they admit that they have a serious problem with a device manufactured less than a year ago and then not do all that they can to back up customers who spent a small fortune on the devices? Not everyone lives in LA and can go walk in to an Apple store (even if the stores are able to fix the phone while you wait, which is not a certain thing). Being without a phone for six to eight weeks is not a viable option, and certainly not a viable option for am expensive device that may have a viable life of a year to 18 months before Apple tells the sheep it it time to line up and buy the next one.

Comment right to arms (Score 1) 687

While I have to admit that the legal guarantee to arms granted by the second amendment of the Bill of Rights is not limited to weapons that existed almost 300 years ago, I do like the Massachusetts court's interpenetration that if you feel that you need to protect yourself you should kill your assailant, no use some wimpy non-lethal form of weapon on them for religious or other superstitious reasons.

Comment how many people on the left (Score 4, Interesting) 494

how many people on the left are calling for increased government surveillance?

Well, lets see. The top "man" on the left is certainly doing it. And he really got pissed when the patriot Snowden revealed what his administration was doing. And his party seems to be behind him (in both this and the destruction of American ideals in plenty of other ways). So all in all I would say most of them.

Comment Good for the rest of the world (Score 1) 158

It is nice to know that the rest of the world will be able to enjoy the benefits of 5g, while here in the U.S.A. AT&T, Verizon and Sprint will be able to charge us $10/month for every device that we want to hook up (maybe more with inflation) plus taxes and "fees" and then put a pathetic data cap on the usage.

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