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Comment DIY-ish full adjustable electric (Score 3, Interesting) 340

I bought an electric adjustable height desk leg set (UpLift 900) from and bought a complete desk shell elsewhere for just the top (at quite a savings) in the size that I wanted. I like a deep desk and this one is 30". They've got even more options now for building your own desk including treadmills.

I found that standing didn't work out for me... however the adjustable height of the desk has made my sitting time far more comfortable and ergo.

Comment OpenVMS (Score 3, Funny) 343

It has an automatic versioning filesystem (Files-11)...

Far as I can tell there isn't really a 'modern' filesystem that does this. Because what you need is for no one to have to think about doing it. Save the file, done. w/ Files-11 it gets a version number appended and if it's important enough to recover I'm sure someone would manage to figure out how to dig up the older revision that they want.

Comment You mean the camera market? (Score 2) 422

Because the photography market is strong as ever from my viewpoint, both for professional photographers that don't feel the need to upgrade kit that's good enough to do what they're doing and the same for hobbyists. It's those pesky home users that just want to feel like they're saving memories by snapping with their cell phones you're not going to entice to buy a separate camera. It's just one more thing left in the closet after you get sick of lugging it around.

Comment Many have the policy, what's the practice? (Score 1) 177

Every company I worked for had a specific retention policy. What they didn't have is any automated means of enforcement.

While a central server hack will get the stuff that's most easily handled automatically, lawsuits get to dig into the ugly bits that are still hanging out on the laptops of the employees waiting to be discovered.

Comment We're already doing it and don't know the results (Score 1) 319

So we're already engineering the climate, and doing it without a clue as to what the changes we've been making (and are still making) will ultimately end in. Do we really know enough to try adding yet more crap to the original pile of crap in order to cancel out the whole pile?


Comment My wife hates the L interface changes (Score 1) 437

She dislikes the look of the SMS app and I haven't found a 3rd party that's not following the new Material design...

She dislikes the stupidly separated calling and contact management. Can't edit a contact from the dialer list... WHY? Long press does nothing at all so there's no reason it couldn't just keep the original function. Then from the Contacts list it's more presses/steps to make a call or send a text than it used to be.

And so on and so on...

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 720

define r4,
3x 140mm rosewill pwm fans for the case
1x 120mm couger pwm fan for the hsf
gigabyte g1 gtx 970

this thing is silent even when gaming. only time i hear the fans is when the system posts and gooses to full speed for a couple seconds.

pardon the lack of a shift key synergy is messing with me today.

Comment Fetchmail, dovecot and sieve (Score 4, Informative) 334

Use fetchmail to pull from their account, drop it in their "inbox" managed by dovecot and create a whitelist via sieve (mail filter). You might even be able to get sieve to do that whole 'exec by email' thing if you want.

The real key here is that what they see in their 'inbox' is only what you allow them to see since you're dropping everything except your approved From addresses (or similar criteria).

Option 2: switch to snail mail and cancel their ISP account.

"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." -- Bakunin [ed. note - I would say: The urge to destroy may sometimes be a creative urge.]