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Comment: Re:Or.... (Score 5, Interesting) 235

by JanneM (#49772627) Attached to: Leaked Document Shows Europe Would Fight UK Plans To Block Porn

You follow the local accepted customs, whether you think they are ridiculous or not.

Let's take a parallel situation: In some countries, such as Australia I believe, you wear your shoes indoor. In some countries, such as Japan or my native Sweden, you always take them off.

If you come to either country, would you find it acceptable to basically say "In Australia we always wear our shoes indoor. If you want to take them off, no issue. Why should I be forced to take them off?". Then proceed to try to walk in wearing your outdoor shoes? Would you be surprised if you were (politely in Japan, not so politely in Sweden) thrown out as a result?

Comment: Re:Not really about lie detectors per se (Score 1) 246

You're about to be refuted by someone who not only despises William Jefferson Clinton but was also paying close attention during the the time of impeachment.

The other thing is that it was not a Material Matter and it was not a criminal case. Having sex or not with Monica Lewinsky had beans to do with whether he forced himself on Jennifer Flowers (her own sister said she was trying to climb that pole for months).

Bill Clinton was deposed in a suit about his having allegedly sexually harassed Paula Jones, not Ginnifer Flowers.

Bill Clinton signed the Violence Against Women Act into law, a law that was principally written by Joe Biden(which is a part of why he was chosen to be Obama's VP over Hillary Clinton) that permitted the exploration of a defendant's sexual history during a sexual harassment lawsuit.
Wonderful irony right?

It's certainly materiel if he had engaged in a pattern of seeking oral sex from subordinates when he was accused of requesting oral sex from a subordinate.

He was impeached, but he did not perjure himself.

If that's the case, why did he work out a plea deal to only be denied his license to practice law for 10 years?

He committed perjury. His supporters in the Senate and the broadcast media did their best to make it about his infidelity.

During a civil lawsuit, one had three choices. 1. Tell the truth. 2. Lie. 3. Refuse to answer.
Bill Clinton chose the one of those three options that was illegal. He was rightfully impeached and he was acquitted for political concerns, not for legal ones.


Comment: Re:Masculinity or Stupidity? (Score 1) 950

Women who are just dying to latch onto someone and get that monthly payment going. I am not much too look at externally, so when a 34 year old chic wants me to date her someone is wrong.

I'm a few years younger and I have found that now that I have a good career, good income and secure finances, I get a lot more attention from the female of our species.

I'm not married but I am in a relationship with the mother of my children. She was with me when I was working my way through college and living in my grandfather's spare bedroom so I know that she's here for me and not what I have.

I'd be extremely cautious about who I'd date if I were on the scene again.


Comment: Decisions have consequences. (Score 1) 950

There are certain feminizing elements in our society who are trying to pathologize maleness.

Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with psychological issues and medicated for doing the kinds of things that little boys just do.

We have things like California's "yes means yes" law that criminalizes what's considered normal sexuality in the rest of the country.

Some guys are just checking out "Fuck this! I'll be over here with my video games and these porn chicks who won't make me just through a bunch of stupid hoops". They never planned to have children anyway so what's the point?


Comment: Re:Standard Law (Score 1) 312

by Lord Kano (#49644189) Attached to: Defense Distributed Sues State Department Over 3-D Gun Censorship

You're naive.

At an extreme, put a clause in having the OS actively deny access to a non-DRM-ed 3D printer, and no operating system without this capability can be specced for government work.

That's the whole fucking point of F/LOSS operating systems. This kind of nonsense can just be removed.

What next? Another law criminalizing Operating Systems that lack this capability? How will you enforce that? How will you detect them?

Cody Wilson's objective is to illustrate the idiocy of people who think that utopia is "just" a few laws away.

You don't like what he's doing. That's fine, you don't have to but you can't stop it either.


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