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+ - Krita starts Kickstarter Project->

Submitted by vurian
vurian (645456) writes "Krita, the free painting application, has started a kickstarter to fund one or two developers to work full-time on the next release. The last release was a huge success because Krita managed to fund Dmitry Kazakov; the next release should be even better!"
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Comment: Re:KDE, the one we want to love (Score 1) 51

by fromhell091 (#46619517) Attached to: OpenSUSE To Offer Rolling Release KDE Experience
Well, but you could also compare for alternative KDE defaults: openSUSE kde theme, Netrunner KDE theme, Chakra Kde theme,Nitrux Theme, Rosa Theme... There's a lot of distros who doesn't ship a vanilla KDE theme... But if you want a more moder-looking KDE.. you could wait for the default theme (wip) in Plasma Next.. for example, for Dolphin

Comment: Best open source program for Digital Painting (Score 5, Interesting) 75

by fromhell091 (#46417255) Attached to: Krita 2.8 Released
Krita is the best and most powerful open source program for digital painting. Period.It has a amazing brush engine. You can use other tool as your brush (for example, clone mode). In this version, the brushes were created by artist like Timothée Giet, Ramon Miranda, Wolthera or David Revoy. Also has handy tools for painters like rotate canvas, perspective tools, symetric and mirror modes, pseudo infinite canvas, stabilizer helpers, a lot of palette dokers, and now includes some tools for games developers like Clone Array or Wrap Around mode to create tiles. If you didn't give a try before to Krita, this is the moment. It's one of the best pieces of open source progams out there.

Comment: Re:It's called linux mint, and it doesn't matter (Score 1) 573

by fromhell091 (#43281865) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: New To Linux; Which Distro?
But install software in openSUSE on 3rd party repo is even more easy than add PPA, IMO. Go to build.opensuse.go, search a package, and with one-click-install, you got it. Check it out this video: And, about nes emulators, a quick search in the web gave me this result: My point is... ok, maybe Ubuntu has a greater official repository, but when I've search a tool or a program that I need or want to test in openSUSE, I've always found it in other opensuse repositories (like pacman) or in 3rd party repos, like your emulators. ;)

Comment: Re:Distro recommendation? (Score 2) 152

by fromhell091 (#42160539) Attached to: Why KDE Plasma Makes Sense For Linux Gaming
Kubuntu 12.10 seems a good option for you if you're used to Ubuntu and debian world. But for me, openSUSE 12.2 is the best KDE distro out there. Robust, professional looking, tons of applications, obs (opensuse Build Service), good community... And the new theme for openSUSE 12.3 in KDE looks even better..

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