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Comment: Funding.... (Score 1) 252

by frohro (#48444755) Attached to: Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood
I found the following information interesting: Funding: This work was funded by a grant from Dairy Research Institute, The Beef Checkoff, the Egg Nutrition Center, and the Robert C. And Veronica Atkins Foundation. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Partial funding for Open Access provided by The Ohio State University Open Access Fund. The problems with this are that the Dairy, Beef, and Atkins people may not have a say how this research was done and or published, but they certainly can decide if they will fund any future research by these particular scientists. Good research should be very careful where its funding comes from. It becomes suspect when the funding parties have high financial stakes in the results.

+ - Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3) Space Travel on Earth-> 1

Submitted by
frohro writes "ET3 is literally ‘Space Travel on Earth,’ a global transportation system that is silent, low cost, fast, secure, safe, and environmentally friendly.ET3 is literally ‘Space Travel on Earth,’ a global transportation system that is silent, low cost, fast, secure, safe, and environmentally friendly.
ET3 requires 1/30th of the materials of high speed rail, so construction costs a tenth as much. A pair of ET3 tubes at 350mph can exceed the capacity of a 40-lane freeway at half the cost of 4 lanes. ET3 capacity scales with design velocity. ET3 can provide 50 times more transportation per kWh than electric cars or trains, yet operates at 400mph domestic, to 4000mph international."

Link to Original Source

Comment: This isn't the significant cost of PC gaming! (Score 1) 162

by frohro (#40149927) Attached to: Digging Into the Electrical Cost of PC Gaming
The big cost of gaming is the time used for the sport that could have been used for much more productive activities. For example, I teach engineering, and have had a number of PC gamers as students who have ruined their careers by playing games instead of doing the learning someone paid to give them the opportunity to do.

Comment: Use Save My Whiteboard and your Camera (Score 1) 823

by frohro (#29925079) Attached to: How To Enter Equations Quickly In Class?
I am a professor of engineering, and the way I solved this problem for my students was to write software that allows me to process photos of the whiteboard very quickly (a minute or two per day). It automatically puts them on the web for the students. They can browse them at: and they can print a pdf document of them as well from the web site. Lately I've included an MP3 recording of the lecture as well, so that they can hear it again as necessary. The processing software is called Save My Whiteboard and is available under GPL3 here: The php code for the web pages is available under GPL too if anyone really wants it. Rob

Comment: Send them overseas! (Score 1) 620

by frohro (#23433494) Attached to: What To Do With Old Laptops?
Find a friend who is going overseas, and send them to someone in Africa or Asia whose income is so low that they will be a real blessing. This works especially well with students overseas, as they are willing to learn something new like a computer. Laptops are light relatively and so make prime candidates for this. If you don't have contacts who do this kind of thing, a good place to start is your local church, especially ones that are mission oriented. Kudos for seeking to find a way to recycle those old computers.

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