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Comment Re:Obviously required by the studios (Score 1) 321

Believe me, I know. I run Linux and there is no way to get any of the legal paid for movie services on my computer. iTunes does not work, Netflix does not work, the Amazon thing does not work. (I can only get free services like Hulu).

I also run Linux and Amazon's video and mp3 services work just fine for me. The former requires flash which works well enough on linux, the latter even has a native linux binary

Comment what the hell (Score 1) 311

i live in seattle, the mecca and last bastion of microsoft fanboyism. i haven't met one person excited about this, even the 20k Microsoft employees who are getting them for free seem pretty meh about it. didn't the last microsoft phone get pulled off the shelves after selling like 400 nation wide? the cart is about 20 miles ahead of the horse here.

Comment Re:From a Hot Zone (Score 2, Funny) 557

So long as this is going on, I'll make sure to was my hands with soap and water after using the bathroom, to try to avoid sick people, and to go to health services if I start showing flu-like symptoms

it might be a wise idea to do these things even when you're not in the epicenter of a hot zone

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 293

I actually don't really hate Bill (though I understand why some do).

You do? You understand why some people "hate" a guy that has created thousands of jobs, a wildly profitable US company, and is doing more to help the global effort against AIDS and hunger than (most likely) any other individual on earth? So the OS isn't the best and they aren't great about adhering to open standards or publishing their source code... Hate is isn't felt by any sane person towards Bill Gates.

Comment junk mail (Score 0) 424

IANAL but i'd treat this in exactly the same way i'd treat a letter from walmart saying i underpaid on a dvd. i'd laugh a bit while i crumpled it up and threw it away. not to mention that microsoft has no sway over these people anymore. cut your losses and fire whoever in payroll screwed it up.

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