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Comment: Wyoming Bashing ? (Score 2) 325

by freeschwag (#46016303) Attached to: The Whole Story Behind Low AP CS Exam Stats

Most people don't understand the situation there. Least populated state in the Nation. Lots of oil there, but it ain't no Texas. I grew up there and my HS didn't even offer the SAT. We were lucky to be given the opportunity to take the ACT at all. Funding is thin, as it is for most school systems, and I believe that is the prime motivator.

The country bumpkin factor is high, and hicks don't have much need for dem confounded computers and such, the tractor ain't gonna drive itself! (You just wait Mr. Bumpkin, that tech is out there already.)

Keeping the population in state is a challenge, and I'm sure the powers that be aren't keen on giving them tools to empower them to follow a CS path that automatically jumps them out of state. UW and LCCC (Laramie County Community College, widely known as Last Chance Country College) aren't well known for their tech programs.

Comment: Increased effeciency?? basic math says: doubtful (Score 1) 296

by freeschwag (#45673721) Attached to: Six Electric Cars Can Power an Office Building

Let's approach this from an electronics 101 perspective...

Corporate power costs aside, lets look at absolute power usage.

The AC/DC (charge car) and DC/AC (power building from car) conversion is inherently lossy which typically range from a baseline of 75% to an absolute best case scenario of up to 94%, so even with the best setup available (highly unlikely), a 6% loss in and 6% loss out would vastly overshadow a 2% gain. I'm skewing the numbers as far in thier favor as possible and still comes out to a 10% loss in power transfer alone.

Specific peak/offpeak pricing and length of time the office is powered, or the charge time of the cars is not shown, so calculation of the actual power (Kw/H) in and out is impossible due to a lack of information.

My take...yearly savings of $4800 (corporate power is about 1/10 residential power in my area, so $48000 to the average joe) doesn't jive with daily power cycling of six very expensive battery packs. Hope the warrantee covers it :)

The article doesn't specify the amount of time

Comment: Meanwhile In Kalifornia.... (Score 1) 363

by freeschwag (#45443095) Attached to: Arizona Approves Grid-Connection Fees For Solar Rooftops

Current smart meters just run backwards when you generate power, no second meter or upgraded equipment is needed. They have it locked down out here, to the benefit of the 1% of course. Current regulations do not allow private home solar systems to sell excess power, your bill can go to zero and any excess is free bonus to the power company. :/ I'm surprised they don't impose a fee here to "offset" the cost of accounting for and distributing that excess. :)

Comment: Re:Helium Leaks (Score 1) 297

by freeschwag (#45327783) Attached to: 6TB Helium-Filled Hard Drives Take Flight

Helium is a signficantly smaller molecule. I'm familiar due to experience with pressure calibration. Even with best efforts at sealing a system, leaks are all but impossible to prevent. Ambient pressure inside the drive would reduce leeching, but even differentials caused by atmospheric condidtions is going to make swings that will invariably change the internal mix. As noted in other comments, 5 year warrantee, and few things are designed to last more that a year or two these days anyway. What's your reasonble expectation of life of anything you buy these days? I said reasonable, not preferable.

Comment: Forced Turnover (Score 1) 418

by freeschwag (#44811161) Attached to: Is It Time to Replace Your First HDTV? (Video)

Quality is out the window on these and they are going to start dropping out by default anyway. I was looking at Sony and Panasonic for a long time as they have long standing tenure of higher quality tronix....opted for the Panasonic 50" Plasma 1080p goodness. Looks awesome.... just out of warrantee, power supply starts buzzing, got it fixed, few months later same symptom.... TV's used to last a lot longer but that's not good for yearly profit reports... If your not buying a new one every 2-3 years max the corporate engine just isn't going to be happy....you lemmings better not dissappont the 1%ers :P

Comment: BEST Defense Ever!!! (Score 2) 347

One my ex bitches wrote me a bad check...CA law puts a lot of power in your hands if you get a bad check. However you have to contact them by registered mail with the legal document saying they owe you double the amount. The best defense? All she did was refuse the letter. You power goes out the window. Nothing to do past that but small claims court. I have yet to see a penny that is owed me.

If you don't know the sender, don't accept registered mail, there is no legal requirement to do so. Return to sender, you've never been notified of whatever is in the letter, no problem. :)

Comment: forced email (Score 1) 601

by freeschwag (#38206492) Attached to: Europe's Largest IT Company To Ban Internal Email

we are forced, and push it on upper management, to keep everyone on the straight and narrow. Otherwise, backstabbers galore would have open season to blame anyone for almost anything.

Boss: What? I didn't tell you to buy new computers last week, oh yeah? well prove it or yer fired for unauthorized expenditure of funds.....

Lackey: Here's the email boss, now lets go talk to YOUR supervisor :P

Comment: laaame video (Score 1) 482

by freeschwag (#32969086) Attached to: Warships May Get Lasers For Close-In Defense

Really? do they really think we all believe the Navy/Raytheon has the same video capability as say, 1957?
Black and white splotchy jerky dropped frames....really, are the lemmings really that gullible?
Come on now, my phone takes better video then that....
Why am I betting dollars to doughnuts that was highly doctored to fuzz out details, considering camera tech these days, it would be exceedingly difficult to make a video that bad with out significant digital intervention.

Comment: This will never fly, accessories are big $$$ (Score 1) 365

by freeschwag (#32818518) Attached to: Working Toward a Universal Power Brick For Laptops

Why, because the accessories market is a billion dollar enterprise. Can I get the same standard connector deal on cell phone power connectors too (this topics been tackled on /. a few times if I recall.) For example: WTF, why did they flatten the standard microUSB from Razor ver 1 to Razor ver 2?Not like the new one was uber thin and needed that flatter connector, but sure as shit, I had to buy a new car adaptor, and unless you get a cheap chinese knockoff on eBay those things sell for an assraping $30-50 in the ATT (Anal sTreTching) store.

Comment: Really, all good intentions aside... (Score 1) 330

by freeschwag (#32602460) Attached to: Why Intel Wants To Network Your Clothes Dryer

"Ultimately, it's not only about saving money, but also reducing load on the electricity grid by removing needless power use."
Bullshit, ultimately it's about intel finding a technical niche for some bling gadgetry that they can envision selling to most every home in the country if not world, are we so lazy we can't turn off our own TV? Pretty much, who gives a shit how much power the dryer uses? ALOT, mine pops a dedicated 20 amp breaker regularly. I ususally run it just as I'm going to bed so way off of peak hours, just for my convenience really, not due to any conscious effort of when "peak hours" are. We're all getting "smart meters" here in San Diego soon, so you can google your power usage anyway, doesn't that make this tech pretty much moot?

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