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Comment: Colour temperature vs CRI (Score 1) 200

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This was an educational experience for me, learning the difference between colour temperature, which is really only valid for continuum sources, and colour rendering index, more applicable to spectral line sources. Low CRIs don't necessarily have a low colour temperature, but they definitely distort perceived colour, whether they're too blue, or the weird orange of sodium vapour lights.

The most stringent CRI requirement in my home is my makeup mirror. Which is the last incandescent bulb...


Comment: Re:Excessive Data Retention (Score 1) 197

Unless you accidentally backed up when you meant to go forward and nailed a mailbox to the ground. Something my late father did once. All the neighbors agreed that it didn't happen, fixed the mailbox and no one reported anything to the CA DMV. Otherwise, he would have lost his license.

The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI 276

Posted by samzenpus
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meghan elizabeth writes If the Turing Test can be fooled by common trickery, it's time to consider we need a new standard. The Lovelace Test is designed to be more rigorous, testing for true machine cognition. An intelligent computer passes the Lovelace Test only if it originates a "program" that it was not engineered to produce. The new program—it could be an idea, a novel, a piece of music, anything—can't be a hardware fluke. The machine's designers must not be able to explain how their original code led to this new program. In short, to pass the Lovelace Test a computer has to create something original, all by itself.

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I would gladly learned how to build web pages back in the 1980's when I went to school. Back then, it was the Apple ][ computer and Logo programming. Since I didn't have an Apple ][ computer at home (I came from "poor" family because we didn't have Cable TV to watch MTV), and there was no open lab hours at school, I flunked that programming class. Despite everyone telling me to get into computers, I wanted nothing to do with computers after that incident. Building web pages was what got me interested in programming, cutting my teeth on HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, XML and LAMP. I went back to community college to earn an associate degree in computer programming and made the president's list for maintain a 4.00 GPA in my major.

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