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Comment: Re:Wont work around here... (Score 1) 344

by creimer (#48931589) Attached to: Why ATM Bombs May Be Coming Soon To the United States
You need a forklift to pull those ATMs out. A number of years ago in Silicon Valley, someone drove up to a Wells Fargo branch office with a forklift, jiggled the ATM out of the brickwork, and took off down the road. Don't think the police ever solved that case or recovered the ATM.

Comment: Re:Not surprising. (Score 2) 94

by creimer (#48915945) Attached to: FCC Fines Verizon For Failing To Investigate Rural Phone Problems

When developers wanted to build $1M+ houses and a golf course in the eastern foothills above Silicon Valley in the 1990's, the short answer should have been no. Alas, the City of San Jose didn't see it that way. Taxpayers paid $200 million to run water and sewer lines out to the new development. The HOA for that development nearly went bankrupt during the Great Recession when people moved out, no one wanted to move in, and everyone else didn't want to pay for keeping the golf course green.

The bottom line: If you want a phone line extended out into the boonies, maybe you should propose building some $1M homes and give generously to the local politicians. Water and sewer lines are freebies.

Comment: ST:TNG (Score 1) 476

by spaceyhackerlady (#48908911) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

Star Trek: The Next Generation was generally well-done, with interesting charcerters and only a few clunker episodes.

I found Deep Space 9 an interesting concept let down by unimaginative writing.

I found Voyager unwatchable. Janeway came across as an affirmative action bureaucrat. A Captain is a monarch, not a bureaucrat. Patrick Stewart had played Shakespearean kings, and played Picard the same way. It worked. What Janeway needed was a good desk.

Sliders was a really interesting premise that ran out of steam. The same story every week. Yawn.

The X Files also started out well and also ran out of steam, descending in to torture porn.

Didn't watch any of the others, so no comment.


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