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Comment Re:Is this your day job? (Score 2) 53

I can answer this one quite easily.
Both of the pay the bills by being college professors. I have had several classes with "Mike Bonannno" here at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY. "Andy Bichlbaum" is a lecturer at Parsons in NYC and formerly worked for Maxis

So, neither of the Yes Men are really planning to get rich from this.

Comment Re:Lower your expectations (Score 1) 432

I'm an IT student and a consultant at the computer help desk at a well-known Institute in Troy, NY. We have a program where incoming students are offered a package including a Windows laptop, but we also explicitly support Mac OS X and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Help Desk will gladly give you an install image of Windows XP, Vista, or 7, but we also have discs for the major Linux distributions on hand.

Our wireless network is an 802.1x PEAP. Unfortunately, it doesn't self-identify properly so you must tell Mac OS X, Windows XP, and some Linuxes that it is a PEAP. There is an Android app to facilitate using our network. Out VPN is Cisco AnyConnect which is (surprisingly) cross-platform and exceptionally easy to set up.

Public computers run Windows, but there are a few Sun workstations running Solaris. Students have SSH access to a variety of public RHEL, AIX, and SGI machines. The CS department additionally provides access to some more FreeBSD, IRIX, and Solaris servers. By the time you are in Data Structures (Computer Science 2), everything must compile in GCC 4.current. People still using MS Visual Studio are quietly ridiculed.

Perhaps we are an exception from the normal experiences...

Comment Re:A couple of things (Score 1) 511

[...] there's no record anymore of what the document said before the change. The paper copies in my drawer can't be changed and I can pull them out to prove that yes that was what was originally specified.

This is an issue, but it can be mostly resolved with versioning filesystems like Files-11 or maybe even ZFS snapshots. I can't even tell you the number of times I've made changes to a document then wish afterwards I still had the original version...

Comment Re:The reason people ignore you Zed.. (Score 2, Insightful) 572

I think all statisticians should have to learn writing communications skills.
Zed sure embarrasses himself by writing such an atrocious piece of garbage.

Maybe people would listen to Zed if he didn't:
a.) Depend on vulgar language to emphasize an argument (and subsequently)
b.) Prove himself as a huge douchbag.

Comment Re:That's what you do in a university... (Score 1) 141

Not at all. I am an IT student at RPI and they specifically prohibit hiring current students for the DotCIO. Students work in the software and hardware helpdesks, but never on the network.

This makes sense because those networks include sensitive data, security networks, and building access authentication. It seems like a good way to cut costs, but it is a potential security risk.

Comment Re:Our company buys a ton of stuff from Tiger (Score 1) 214

I have had similar experiences with TigerDirect. I recently bought a Nokia n810 Internet Tablet from TD, but only because they beat all other prices via an email ad (which I usually just throw away).

Yes, I do usually ignore TD and buy at Newegg, but the device is pretty much an appliance and reading the details sheet was not a refurb, so what could they possibly do to screw it up?

Comment Re:Rent-a-cops (Score 1) 1079

Mod parent confused!
While the Boston College PD likely consists of real police officers, the link you have given refers to the police at Boston University, which is a totally different institution.

It is very easy to confuse colleges in Boston considering that there are about 25 of them ( )

Comment Re:159357 popular with lefties? (Score 3, Informative) 299

Another leftie here...
I never use the mouse on the left and switching the button layout seems like an awkward hassle.

Maybe I'm not used to it because I tend to use public computers where admins would disapprove of re-arranging.
I'm just so used to the regular right-handed mouse and don't know any lefties for aren't.

ZFS Confirmed In Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard 178

number655321 writes "Apple has confirmed the inclusion of ZFS in the forthcoming OS X Server Snow Leopard. From Apple's site: 'For business-critical server deployments, Snow Leopard Server adds read and write support for the high-performance, 128-bit ZFS file system, which includes advanced features such as storage pooling, data redundancy, automatic error correction, dynamic volume expansion, and snapshots.' CTO of Storage Technologies at Sun Microsystems, Jeff Bonwick, is hosting a discussion on his blog. What does this mean for the 'client' version of OS X Snow Leopard?"

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