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Comment: Re:What a Ride (Score 1) 575

by fredrikj (#27732303) Attached to: To What Age Do You Expect To Live?

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming . . "WOW ---What a Ride"

I understand that some people like World of Warcraft to the point that they compromise their health, but that's taking it too far.

Comment: Wrote my own (Score 1) 776

by fredrikj (#27127715) Attached to: Favorite on-screen calculator?

>>> mp.dps = 50
>>> s = 2+3j
>>> print quad(lambda t: t**(s-1)/(exp(t)-1), [0,inf])
(-0.055314436237905205859598642789062048785482568724509 + 0.08260989232065376851
>>> print gamma(s)*zeta(s)
(-0.055314436237905205859598642789062048785482568724509 + 0.08260989232065376851

Sorry for the plug :-)

The Internet

+ - Both Wikipedia and Citizendium under CC-by-sa?->

Submitted by
Raindance writes "Citizendium, after more than a year of license ambiguity, has announced its content will be freely available under CC-by-sa. This comes a few weeks after Wikipedia announced the fairly likely possibility of relicensing all homegrown GFDL content under CC-by-sa (as made possible by the new Creative Commons compatibility framework). Good things are happening in the realm of free content."
Link to Original Source
The Internet

+ - Citizendium after one year

Submitted by
Larry Sanger
Larry Sanger writes "Citizendium, "the Citizens' Compendium" — a free, non-profit, ad-free, wiki encyclopedia with real names and a role for experts — has just announced that it's celebrating the one year anniversary of its wiki, an occasion for which I wrote a project report. Make up your own mind about whether "we've made a very strong start and an amazing future likely lies ahead of us." We have been the subject of a lot of misunderstanding, but we've still proven a lot, such as that a public-expert hybrid wiki is consistent with accelerating growth and leads to high quality, or that eliminating anonymity helps remove vandalism. We've got lots of initiatives and plans, and signs are good that we are starting into a serious growth spurt. Might the Web 2.0 umbrella be expanded to include real name requirements and roles for experts? It's looking that way."

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan