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Comment You want to stop radicalization? (Score 5, Insightful) 184

Stop sending troops to kill people all over the world, in their own countries, people that are of no conceivable threat to America, and they will stop wanting to kill us.
Mostly we do this in our economic interest. In essence, terrorism is a cost of the way we do business. If Global corporations and countries were to change to doing business ethically, no longer supporting dictators and corruption to get resources cheaper or with more assurance, their profits would go down but so would the need to strong-arm people all over the world with our armies.
Because we don't want to stop doing business this way, we need to seek advice on how to create better ways to hold back the animosity and hate we create by our actions. But until we stop creating the animosity and hate, it will always plague us.

Comment Re:I think I will just buy old clunkers (Score 1) 112

And this relates to vehicle software systems how? Are you saying that having lots of software driven options in a car make it safer? I propose that, unless you are referring specifically to self-driving cars (still little more than a fantasy) then lots of more software systems are simply more distractions and will result in more deaths.

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