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Submission + - Senate panel explores crackdown on encryption software companies. (

Earthquake Retrofit writes: The Washington Post has an interesting story about government access to encrypted communications. Some members of the senate seem to think turning the screws on software companies will "keep America safe."

From the article: Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr said, “The reality is that we don’t expect this to be received extremely well from companies that market their products based upon the fact that they have end-to-end encryption, We don’t have a responsibility to sell their products. We have a responsibility to keep America safeand if it means people are going to have to change their business models, then so be it.”

However, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), said “It’s important to be very careful about some of these knee-jerk approaches that don’t give you more security and put at risk your liberty, Requiring U.S. companies to weaken encryption, when terrorists can fairly easily obtain advanced encryption products around the world doesn’t make much sense to me.”

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