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Comment There is another source of 'slow time' as well (Score 1) 139

and we are in it. We know that gravity slows time, and we know that the distribution of matter in the universe is into filaments and the surfaces of 'bubbles'. In those places, like where we live, gravity slows time down unlike 'in' the bubbles and other voids between the filaments. So how much slower are we perceiving time with respect to 'universal' time?

Comment What pisses me off as an older programmer (Score 1) 242

is the trash younger programmers put out and think they have created a user interface. Problem is, the younger programmers don't understand how users think and produce something the YP likes but can't be figured out by anyone else. I have to work with new software every day produced by YP's and it usually makes me want to vomit.

Comment Re:This is a partnership.... (Score 3, Interesting) 82

While in college I worked at one of the last, if not the last, cord board in California in Woodland. It was a gas, plugging in when a light went on, picking outgoing trunk lines to dial through, getting connected to really obscure places, timing calls with paper tickets and clocks. No day ever made the lights light up like the day Elvis died.

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