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Comment: U.S. territories (Score 2, Informative) 319

by fredditor (#26714697) Attached to: Apple's Terms No Longer Allow ITMS Purchases Outside of US
The biggest problem with this is for those of us who are US citizens living in US territories. We use US currency, we pay federal taxes, we get our mail through the US post office, but because we are territories and not part of the Mainland US we get screwed on so many different services. Itunes, Netflix, ebay, try ordering any software with even the smallest bit of encryption on it through Amazon in the territories and see the order fail to go through. try getting digital downloads from most places and they will refuse the order because US territories are considered international destinations and are not eligible for those services. It's very frustrating, to have to find a creative way around this problem, usually I have stuff drop shipped to a friend or family stateside and then mailed down here but that doesn't work for digital stuff.

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