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Journal Journal: Some new ideas for using a wind tubine

Wind turbines at sea.

What a wind turbine can't do is to produce electricity when the wind is not
blowing. If we want that, we need to store the energy (somewhere) for later use.
Batteries might be the first you think of but consider that we need to store
energy for a number of wind turbine in the MWh class. The batteries themselves
will not last as long with this type of charge and discharge that occurs here.
We should be able to store the energy that can withstand this and having as
little maintenance as possible.

If a wind turbine instead of producing electricity, produces compressed air
we're having a much easier way of storing the energy in a large compressed air
tank, directly at sea, near the wind turbines.

We have an pipeline for the compressed air into our land where we can use it
for producing electricity, for example. We should also have an large storage
tank (like in caverns) for the compressed air for later use as well.

What we have lost in effectiveness / efficiency is that we can now produce
electricity even if the wind is not blowing! This will also help the network
grid since we always produce the average of what the wind should blow in the
area where the wind turbine is.

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