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Submission + - Congressional Report Warns of Potential Bitcoin Threat to US Dollar

fredan writes: If I understand the comments from the previously Bitcoin story that you really love these, here's another one for you:

'A Congressional report quietly released last month suggests that bitcoin could be a threat to US monetary policy, and makes the case for continued central banking control.

The report, Bitcoin: Questions, Answers, and Analysis of Legal Issues, was published by the Congressional Research Service, which produces research reports for US policy makers. It argues for the benefits of a single, incumbent currency (the US dollar), for stability.'

Now in a true slashdot spirit there will not be an link directly to the report, instead I will provide a link to a link to the link of the report:

Submission + - Tesla Motors: Early Re-Payment of Tesla's ATVM Loan->

fredan writes: On February 26, at an event hosted by Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Elon Musk announced Tesla will pay off our Department of Energy (DOE) loan five years early, twice as fast as required by the original 2010 loan agreement signed by Tesla and the DOE.

It is worth noting that in comparison with these three other recipients, Tesla had the smallest loan. Ford's loan was for $5.9 billion, Nissan's was for $1.4 billion, and Fisker's was for $529 million.

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