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Comment collusion (Score 1) 78

collusion: secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, esp. in order to cheat or deceive others...

And that's what we have these days between the government and our so-called Public utilities,(notice I don't say OUR government,it isn't ours anymore)

Back when it was the "Bell System", J. Edgar would just "drop a dime" and get any info He needed from Ma Bell, ....on a case by case basis.
The government broke up the Bell System,In the name of "competition", SBC went around and bought all the Baby Bells, and put them back together under 1 roof,
Now, the NSA and SBC/ATT are in bed together... and they are giving the NSA free reign to the whole system.
We need to put pressure on ATT ... no matter what ISP/phone company you may choose to use, it still goes through ATT's backbone some where in its transit to the other end of the line....
the question is who are ATT's major stockholders? and how can we pressure them?

Comment Re:Apple Products never play nice with WIFI (Score 2) 80

I've had same issues when Apple items are on any mixed OS network, constant connectivity issues for all, always suspected the shiny red (white) devices as the culprit ,never could prove it. this pretty much cinches for me, apparently, their network stack is almost as "F" up as M$'s is....
Doesn't anyone follow the RFC's? Just leave sh*t alone! they gotta make it proprietary... guess to keep the investors happy...

Comment old school (Score 1) 233

here's my list,available at ANY hardware store:
1/4 in.Black Steel Nipple
1/4 in. Galvanized Malleable Iron Cap
1/16 in. Black Oxide Drill Bit
2 x 4 x 8 Premium Kiln Dried Whitewood Stud
1 ea tenpenny nail
3 rubber bands
its called a zipgun.... its only 1 shot, but how many shots does it take?
it won't make it through to the plane,unless you are a 12 year old who can walk right through the checkpoint.....
that's if your target is getting on a plane................
who needs a 3D printer! :-)

Comment final anaylsis (Score 1) 749

It all boils down to this, the policies,actions and business dealings of our government and corporations in foreign countries over the last 50 years has pissed off alot of people. These deeds were done in our name,which has caused these people to retaliate against us, the people.
This has created an environment where the government feels threatened, and starts programs like this and others...started around ....~1948.........(get those commies,they stole our secret)
time to ....?
fire them all ?
to be replaced by...?

Sorry, don't have that answer....

Comment Patriot Act vs. CFAA (Score 1) 430

1st: IANAL, but need one to interpret this,
We all know the NSA is splitting and filtering the backbone in the CO's courtesy of the Patriot Act,
but my recent browsing of this article: http://www.justice.gov/criminal/cybercrime/docs/ccmanual.pdf
Does this suggest that the NSA is in violation of the CFAA?
and did the US attorneys involved with Aaron Swartz's prosecution ever read this ? or the Bill of Rights?

NSA, TSA, DHS, DEA, ICE, all totally out of control, individual fiefdoms, all with political aspirations...
just my 2 cents, same as my paycheck.

Comment another one bites the dust (Score 1) 70

do these units meet EPA and Federal Noise limits?
Is there radar signature large enough so that FAA radar can see them?
these are the questions that have legal "teeth",that can be used against their use by civilian authorities.
just another abuse of the constitution....

Comment Time to Flush (Score 1) 340

Everyone needs to read this,most aren't old enough to remember it,but the man said alot of things that are now coming true, http://coursesa.matrix.msu.edu/~hst306/documents/indust.html I saw a bumper sticker recently,it said "Flip this house", it was a picture of the White House. I think it is time to fire all our representitives and hire new ones, maybe then we will be able to see the "true puppeteers" that are running our country.

You will lose an important tape file.