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Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 154

The whole reason I use Uber is to find a driver with a clean car, clean clothes, good local language, good knowledge of the city, good driving skills, sane metering device, known rates and acceptable behavior. Mutual ratings and mutual GPS control in Uber make wonders. Our local taxi companies (Sofia, Bulgaria) use some forms of internet service for a decade but still struggle with the above basic customer needs.

Comment Re:Oh hell no! (Score 1) 273

Uber work also has pretty much enough similarities to "contract work". Uber decides where and when there IS work, contractor decides if and how it will be done (by him). And, PLEASE, I don't want my employer to pay for MY unemployment protection. YMMV, but I generally am much more efficient than the government.

Comment Re:If it sounds too good to be true (Score 1) 243

Yep. It IS too good to be true.

(1) an adequate electric device will drain a cell down to 0.9-0.8v. For a good 1.5v alkaline cell this is about 80% of the energy at all possible. Further, the internal resistance limits kick in. For a good 1.2v NiMH at 0.9v you are at 95%-or-something-like mark. Not much to save by draining more. "Salt" batteries leak electrolyte when drained too low.
(2) booster efficiency. 'nuf said. Space constraints and the very small coil don't help either.
(3) idle consumption = ?
Generally, you can get at most 20% more on alkaline batteries in a very limited cases. In most cases, you'll get less or much less.

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