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The Courts

Games Workshop Sues Warhammer Online Fansite 182 182

chalkyj writes " (run for the last five years as one of the leading fansites for the MMORPG Warhammer Online) is being sued by Games Workshop for the use of the 'Warhammer' name, 'cybersquatting' and 'unfair competition.' This lawsuit is yet another in Games Workshop's disturbing pattern of suing their fans and hobbyists, this time going after a legitimate fansite for their MMORPG franchise. The full complaint (PDF) has been posted online."

Comment: Some of these laws have a purpose (Score 1) 164 164

It's not about stopping them. It's about arresting and convicting them.

The tangential activities that you describe, e.g. communicating, meeting, transferring funds, etc. are the means by which federal officers arrest and convict mobsters/drug dealers/terrorists/etc.

It's very rare to get a conviction on a mobster via a direct mob activity. Instead, the feds use money laundering or tax evasion laws to deal with the mob people so that they can at least do time for _something_. And if they do it multiple times, then they get slapped with RICO and do _real_ time.


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