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Comment: Re:For serious? (Score 1) 699

by francisco.colaco (#32416176) Attached to: Pedestrian Follows Google Map, Gets Run Over, Sues

They now suggest the slightly longer route, going north through Alaska, Siberia, the Urals, European Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France. One only has to swim two short 20 miles journeys: one at the Bering Straight and the other at the Channel.

You may only swim once if you consider walking besides the Eurotunnel tracks.


Comment: Re:Market Capitalization tells another story (Score 1) 533

by francisco.colaco (#21524089) Attached to: States Claim There is No Match for Microsoft

Unfortunately, no laws will be passed to demand such specifications. More and more the devices we own are software layers over generic digital hardware (FPGA, microcontrollers). The companies are quite jealous of the intellectual property therein.

I did not mean, however, hardware support when I spoke about harsh times at Linux sound. Imagine you want to have skype rings, your favorite game and rhythmbox sound at the very same sound card. What a nightmare! On Windows, it is out of the box. If there was a standard sound server on Linux (being it jack, pulseaudio, don't know what else), all the applications would code to it. Now, Skype supports alsa (and bad), your game is likely to support only /dev/dsp, rhythmbox supports esd. If you bring up skype, forget the rest of the audio,

Bring us good sound and good, straightforward printing (CUPS is getting there) and the best desktop will be ours. BTW, I use 90% of my time Linux and open source tools, with the exception of the mechanical CAD.

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