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Comment Hush, Mr. Nye (Score 1) 387

Starting a flame war with people who try to out-brag each other with regard to who has seen the worst racetrack collision up close and personal isn't worth your time. Some of them might actually be red-state congress-critters that would take no pause in going after what little funding NASA has left.

Comment Distributed work (Score 1) 85

Encrypting data using a homomorphic encryption scheme allows for meaningful computation on the encrypted data producing the results of the computation in encrypted form, without the need for decrypting it or requiring access to the decryption key.

How long until someone comes up with a blockchain scheme that pays out for computational work done on encrypted data sets?

Comment Really bad idea (Score 3, Interesting) 85

While I'm certain the politicos who came up with this idea had nothing but the best intentions in mind they have in fact mandated sites keep a trove of data that will prove irresistible to blackhats. How many people will be blackmailed or have their lives turned upside down ala Ashley Madison over retained data that falls into nefarious hands before this ill conceived plan meets its Waterloo?

Comment Re:What? (Score 4, Insightful) 159

How is this any different than calling them up and telling them what is broken?

Thank you for calling the City of Detroit. Para obtener instrucciones en español por favor presione 1 ahora. Your call is very important to us. Due to the current high volume of calls it will be approximately NINETY-ONE minutes until a representative is available to take your call. To leave your phone number for a call back instead press 3 now,

Comment Android's Achilles Heel (Score 4, Interesting) 166

My biggest gripe with using an Android phone is that the phone unlocks during calls even when they placed/answered via a hands-free Bluetooth device. Answering a call via Bluetooth with your phone in your pocket unlocks it and starts feeding the UI random screen clicks. People have been filing bugs to the Android team over this issue since 2011 and it has never been addressed, and the newer bugs keep getting pushed to lower and lower priority. Its safe to say at this point that Android butt dialing is now a feature and is included by design.

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