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Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 2) 423

And it's perfectly reasonable for the in-car electronics to have and display all of these things. The problem is this conflation of "the local device needs this information to do its job" with "the company supplying the local device needs to upload all of this information to its servers and log it against your profile."

Comment Re:A Recognition Algorithm That Outperforms Humans (Score 1) 91

The problem domains are different, and current AI is far better at "calculate a trajectory for this physical object that avoids other physical objects and follows a set of rules" than "identify a random human or group of humans, assess their level of involvement (both now and likely future level) in a given conflict, and determine whether they are legitimate combatants."

Comment Re:Not credit... so your account stays drained (Score 1) 95

If you're going to be dumb enough to sign up for such a silly service, chances are you're dumb enough to use it on your main bank account, and then dumb enough to lose your phone (without a passcode enabled) or to leave your facebook logged in and unattended.

The whole thing is a minefield. Although it'll probably take off, as xkcd predicts.

Comment Re:Should A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer.... (Score 2) 163

Well, the Primer was (iirc) a custom product for a plutocrat's (grand?)daughter. It had no ulterior motives, it was simply there to provide a companion and an education for the young girl. I think this is by far the most important criterion for a primer - that it not be influenced by any for-profit company.

I like the book form-factor but that's mainly just because I like books. :)

Comment Re:Hopefully the applicants had a relevent backrou (Score 1) 809

Vague questions are always red flags in an interview -- there are too many possible ways of answering to be able to determine which is the "right" answer, and applicants will tend to start looking for where the trick is, since it sounds like a trick question.

Not the right applicants. For most positions (except the ones where you're a very small cog in a very large wheel) you have to be able to deal with people too.There was one question in a recent interview that my wife conducted, to which the applicant replied "I can't answer that without knowing more about the requirements." Which was exactly the right answer. He got the job.

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