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Comment Re:The water was flammable decades... (Score 0) 266

Yes, it's true, natural gas has seeped into well water ever since people have dug wells. And fracking is done far below the water table. However, there have been some instances of the well cement casing being compromised and gas escaping into the water as it's being pumped out.

There's no free lunch when it comes to energy production. Even for renewables. The solution isn't to ban all fracking, it's to keep it regulated so failures such as I described above can be kept to a minimum.

Comment Re:Replace C? (Score 1) 270

I take it you've never written cross-platform code for MacOS? There's a lot of things like memory management, for one, that you'd want to use Obj-C for. By the time you've done all the "required proprietary API" changes, you'd have been better off just writing the whole thing in Obj-C. Not only would it save dev time, the end product would be a lot more stable and have better overall performance, but I guess it depends on what trade-offs you're willing to accept.

Cross platform Obj-C? You mean with GNUStep? I have never used it. Have only written Obj-C in Xcode. As far as memory management, C++ has smart pointers, including one that does reference counting. Why would the performance be better with Obj-C?

Although my experience with Obj-C is more limited I find it more painful to use than C++.

Comment Re:Replace C? (Score 1) 270

We tried this. It turned out to be not much fun. (Thought maybe we weren't doing it right).

To be fair, my experience with this was taking a Windows/Mac OSX program written by predominately C++ programmers and porting it to iOS and Android. The C++ code was already well debugged.

Threading is usually a big concern. In Objective-C/C/Swift tools like grand-central dispatch make this easy, however in C++ its p-threads. C++11 has threads, but this isn't supported by Android yet.

The native environment give you an API of libraries and a community of open-source projects to fill in the gaps. With C++ you have identify and source your own stack. Poco or boost. etc.

Boost assuredly. It's what has been incorporated into C++11 and makes up the bulk of its new features(e.g. you mentioned threading).

Comment Replace C? (Score 2) 270

"Swift will not only supplant Objective-C when it comes to developing apps for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and devices to come, but it will also replace C for embedded programming on Apple platforms."

Not if you want to write something that compiles on other platforms. With Android/iOS being based on Linux/BSD it could very well make sense to write the back end of your app in C/C++ and only then branch into a different language as required by the GUI framework and other required proprietary APIs you'll be using.

Comment Call me skeptical... (Score 3, Insightful) 515

Voters were told in 2008 that the project would cost $39 billion. Now Gov. Brown says it will cost $69 billion. And it's still over a decade away. Under the bond measure the state isn't allowed to subsidize the operation of the project. It must be covered by the fares. Since there is so much uncertainty about the cost of the project it makes no sense to try to guess the cost of a ticket.

Comment Evidence is lacking (Score 3, Insightful) 342

Even the National Highway Traffic Administration says measured active THC levels can't be correlated with impairment:

"It is difficult to establish a relationship between a person's THC blood or plasma concentration and performance impairing effects ... It is inadvisable to try and predict effects based on blood THC concentrations alone." -

Also, given the difference in absorption rates between edibles and smoking, it's possible for someone who ate it to be more impaired but give a lower reading than someone who smoked it. -

Comment Booster fear unfounded (Score 1) 305

Boosting a fission bomb entails injecting tritium-deuterium gas into the center of a plutonium core implosion design before detonation. It boost the yield 2x to 2.5x. If an entity can build a reactor to create plutonium then it can create hydrogen isotopes. It would be easier for a clandestine terrorist group to figure out how to steal enough enriched uranium and build a gun bomb then steal enough plutonium to make an implosion bomb. Enriched uranium is safe to handle and figuring out a gun design easier to do. Little Boy was a gun design and didn't need a live test before being dropped on Hiroshima. As everybody has pointed out, if this world ever gets to the point where tritium-deuterium gas are produced in large enough amounts where theft is a worry so much time will have gone past that the world will be a very different place.

Comment Alopecia universalis is not the same as MPB (Score 2) 109

Alopecia universalis is a rare autoimmune disorder, and it's understandable that a drug that works on a pathway to alleviate arthritis could also work for it. The more common male pattern baldness is caused by the sensitivity of certain hair follicles to androgens, specifically testosterone and its more active form dihydrotestosterone. It's unknown why some hair follicles respond to it by growing hair(think chest hair) and others miniaturize until the hair is nearly invisible(think hairline and top of the head).

Comment Re:A Stupid Question Is One You Can Answer Yoursel (Score 1) 22

It's a receiver that doesn't require a power source, but to say change the channel on a TV, it needs to be connected to some sort of transmitter that DOES require a power source.

You see, you can put this device IN THE TV as part of it. Now you don't need a standard battery powered remote control.

Then what would be the point of it not requiring an external power source if it's built into something that does?

Also, "The prototype could correctly identify the gestures more than 90 percent of the time while performed more than 2 feet away from the device."

I prefer sitting much more than 2 feet from a TV. There are already powered hand gesture systems with much better range that can be built into a TV.

Wow, that sure took a lot of thought!

Obviously it didn't.

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