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Comment: This doesn't say much about Apple in fact. (Score 1) 202

by foxx1337 (#46950483) Attached to: Apple Can Extract Texts, Photos, Contacts From Locked iPhones

Taking apart an iPhone 4(S) is fairly straightforward and the various connectors on the boards inside appear to be pretty much "standard". The various flavors of 5 shouldn't be too far off. I would expect some levels of the law enforcement to even have the know-how and equipment to connect to those ports and access an iPhone's internals beyond the device's standard operation - and I don't think it's anything wrong with that. By the user experience it seems that the iPhone's memory is not scrambled.
Assuming anyone would use that, at least we can hope now that such an expensive phone will still be functional when the process is done.

Comment: Re:Software (Score 2) 218

by foxx1337 (#44965279) Attached to: GNOME 3.10 Released

I can already see myself googling around "Files crashing", "Software command line", "troubleshoot Disks" and finding immediately what I was looking for. These guys with Gnome really mean business. I bet their names are something like "Dude Johnson", "Nobody Smith", "Programmer Williams", "Name Thorne" or "Guy Pearce" (ok, not the last one).

Comment: Re:It'll work..except when it doesn't. (Score 1) 157

by foxx1337 (#28872617) Attached to: Stopping Spam Before It Hits the Mail Server

the short description: "developed a way to catch spam before it even arrives on the mail server"
>"a way"

tfa title: "A Better Way to Shoot Down Spam"
  >"a [...] way"

your post: "so saying that they've found THE solution to blocking spam"
>"THE solution"

someone's a bit eager to bash here...

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