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Comment Re:The Department of Redundancy Department (Score 1) 628

The thing about CS/CE is that it is one place where the product and the design are very close together; the distinction isn't so sharp - there's a lot of gray area.

Often the blueprint resembles (and becomes) the product; pseudo code and algorithms are directly translatable to code.

This is very different from the equations that determine materials strength becoming a bridge.

Comment Re:The Department of Redundancy Department (Score 1) 628

Difference with your examples is that they don't organize them that way to save money; they do it because they think that is the way to do it.

Which is fine.

It is also a far cry from cutting bits out of the CS curriculum to add 2M to the pool so it can be sent over to the football team.

Comment The fundamental problem... (Score 1) 910

... is that we've allowed the power to shift from the instrument of the people: the Government; which may be flawed, but is still the instrument of the people, to the private, hereditary fiefdoms of the corporations and Wall Street, which now enjoy all the advantages of a feudal hierarchy without any of the responsibility that at least the oath of fealty attempted to enforce.

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