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Comment: Re:Key is non-programming skills (Score 1) 466

by robbo (#46990663) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Minimum Programming Competence In Order To Get a Job?

+1000. The OP has embedded hardware skills which is a relatively rare skill-set- the barrier to entry is for sure a lot higher than basic software programming. My advice would be to leverage the hardware skillset into some new embedded programming domain (learn new hardware-specific tricks). There's little-to-no value in reinventing yourself as a generic programmer.

Comment: Beans & Rice, Rice & Beans (Score 4, Informative) 390

by BKX (#46796557) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

It's like Dave Ramsey says: if you're broke, then eat "beans and rice, rice and beans." It's easy and cheap, even in a dorm.

1. Rice cookers are like $10-20. Get one with a steamer tray. It doesn't have a burner and can't start a fire, so tell your RA to fuck off.
2. Buy rice at the Asian store. It'll cost $1/lb for good Jasmine rice (brown rice only, you'll need the nutrients). (You don't have an Asian store? My ass. Or try the Mexican store. You don't have a Mexican store, either? Shut the fuck up and stop lying. Open your eyebulbs; they're everywhere.)
3. Buy bullion cubes and/or soup base (it comes in a jar) for flavor. You can get that stuff cheap at the Asian store.
4. Buy beans in a can from Save-a-Lot/Aldi/cheapo-store. I like navy beans and fava beans. There're a few dozen other kinds. Get what's cheap. One can a day, minimum.
5. Put the rice, soup base/bullion/soup mix and water in the rice cooker and press the button. Add the beans when it's done. Enjoy.
6. If you're feeling rich, chicken or sausage or burger patties go in the steamer tray.
7. The Asian store will also have cheap noodles that the rice cooker will cook just fine. Cheaper than ramen. (You still need the beans, or you'll eventually get something nasty like beri-beri.)
8. Oatmeal and raisins make a good, fast breakfast. (Add sugar packets and creamers from wherever other people get coffee.)
9. You'll also need to add some vitamin C every once in while to prevent scurvy. Any fruit or fruit juice will do. Tea made from fresh pine needles (actual pine trees only) will do in a pinch. I like raisins, apples, bananas, and oranges, which are all usually cheap enough.

You can actually live on that stuff for months at a time without dying. The soup base/bullion and occasional noodles and meat will keep you from committing suicide.

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by BKX (#46588835) Attached to: Peter Molyneux: Working For Microsoft Is Like Taking Antidepressants

There is some thought that those people are so depressed that they aren't even capable of marshaling the energy to commit suicide. When you give them an antidepressant, they start to become less depressed and but are still depressed enough to be suicidal, only now they have the energy to kill themselves, and so do it.

+ - The Individual Midnight Thread 40

Submitted by unitron
unitron (5733) writes "Trying to figure out time zones is starting to make my brain hurt, but apparently in a bit over 6 hours somewhere on the other side of globe from Greenwich the Week of Slashcott will begin, as Midnight arrives for anyone in that zone, and then it travels west, where I will encounter it in about 23 hours.

So if we can get this thread out of the Firehose, I was thinking that, as the 10th arrives for us in our respective locations, we could leave here what may be our final farewells to Slashdot.

Until Midnight, this is our meeting place, our City Hall, our town square.

(and yes, our playground)

After that I'm not sure where we can congregate to discuss how the Slashcott's going and whether it's time to move on.

I'm going to jump the gun and lay claim to "So long and thanks for all the Karma", and perhaps someone could do a Bob Hope and re-write the lyrics to "Thanks for the Memories".

In the meantime, a bit of housekeeping.

An AC beat me to the week-long boycott idea by a couple of hours, and suggested the date range of the 10th through the 17th.

As part of a group of people familiar with the concept of beginning a count with 0 instead of 1, I really should have spotted the mistake of putting 8 days into that particular week.

So, should Slashcott Week end as the 17th begins, or do we give Dice a bonus day?"

Comment: Re:Energy density. (Score 1) 734

by kwerle (#46049319) Attached to: Will Electric Cars and Solar Power Make Gasoline and Utilities Obsolete?

Lets say i relocate cross country.
I can fill up at any gasoline station.
I am completely shit out of luck with a Tesla.

No doubt.

And believe it or not, people still do relocate. Or go on a road trip, or vacation or visit families.
So unless there are countless charging stations nationwide or a program to swap out batteries when they're almost out of charge, it's not going to replace a gasoline engine anytime soon.

From the article:

This was an amazing 15,000 mile Road Trip, we caught up with friends and family, met some intriguing people and saw a bit of America along with some really spectacular roadside kitsch, ticking loads of stuff off our bucket list. All the while, we drove the Model S without compromise, never running out of battery, we always found a place to charge, even in rural America. Now I completely disregard range anxiety as an unnecessary fear.

Or maybe not.

Yeah, this is basically an ad. But clearly, relocating is possible and road trips can be done. If you're worried, use a rental for the trip. Hell, maybe you want something bigger for camping/relocating, anyway. Cars can be shipped.

Comment: Re:Now I need a new thermostat... (Score 1) 257

by kwerle (#45945799) Attached to: Google Buys Home Automation Company Nest

Unless Google WONT be using the temperature I set it at for marketing purposes. I get enough robo-calls about solar, heating, etc as it is.

Really? I added myself to the do not call registry and no longer get any.

In addition, I mostly use google voice - which means that a lot of political calls go straight to spam instead of connecting to me, too. Thank you, google, for plugging the political loophole on the registry...


Comment: Re: Instagram didn't replace Kodak (Score 1) 674

by valkraider (#45906117) Attached to: The Internet's Network Efficiencies Are Destroying the Middle Class
"At that time Ford and the other US car companies were still building in Detroit," My 1973 Chevy was made in Canada. Manufacturing in Canada started in the early 1900s. For the "US" car industry - Canada was just considered part of the Midwest. I know people who lived in the US and worked in a Canadian plant and vice-versa. So calling anything that crossed a border an import is not as easy as it sounds... In my opinion "closing" the borders up there had had as bad an impact on the US states as it has on Ontario..

Comment: Re:Old timer Michiganian here! (Score 1) 684

by BKX (#45880551) Attached to: Polar Vortex Sends Life-Threatening Freeze To US

It was Michiganian originally (occasionally, Michiganite, but only by Wisconsinites). Then, in the 1850's Senator Abraham Lincoln got mad at one of Michigan's senators, who happened to be quite fat. Lincoln insulted him on the Senate floor by calling him the "Michigander" (which was, in part, a pun on the phrase, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander," in addition to calling him fat.) For whatever reason, the name expanded to mean, "person from Michigan," and it stuck.

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