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Comment Re:Meh (Score 2) 276

Practically every current car has more horsepower than a DeLorean. My 2009 Scion xB has 158 hp, and that car only cost me $16k brand new. You'd be hard-pressed to find anything less. Hell, the Nissan Versa (cheapest current car in US market) has 109 hp, which is pretty darn close to 130. At the time, however, 130 hp was sort-of OK but still kind of shitty but it wasn't that shitty. There were new cars with less than half that power in the mid-80s.

Having said all that, I'd still like to get one of those new DeLoreans. I've always loved the look, ever since I was a little kid, and with the new engine and electrical (they certainly have to put a modern electrical system in to use the new engine), it'd be a great car. The price puts it well out of my league, but if $100k was in my league, I'd seriously consider it.

Comment Re:Won't help as long as the stores aren't up to c (Score 1) 147

Having worked in a restaurant, I can tell you those places must have been doing some nightmarish shit. The company I work for has only been shut down once (years ago) because mouse turds were found on a slicer, not in use, which is pretty damn egregious if you ask me, but not as serious as people would expect. That manager and employee were both fired. Anything less just gets you yelled at and, maybe, if it's really bad, you'll have to throw away some product. We were once forced to throw out an entire cooler of meat (more than 500 lbs) because the cooler was holding at 42 degrees F. 41 is the limit. That's the exception though. The rule is a good talking to. Having said that, restaurants are usually scared shitless of the health department, and generally keep things safe. An outbreak of norovirus or e coli is a death sentence (Jack-in-the-Box, Blimpie (in GR, MI, anyway)), so restaurants have a pretty big incentive to keep things clean and at temp.

Comment Re:Well.. (Score 2) 147

Even washing each leaf with bleach won't actually work. E. coli can easily get INTO the leaf in spinach, and that has happened. I remember a massive spinach recall a few years ago with e. coli being INSIDE the spinach leaves themselves. I don't see why lettuce would be any different. I absolutely refuse to eat organic salad for this reason.

Comment Ask Barbara (Score 1) 370

I think Barbara Streisand probably has some good advice on this subject.

Seriously, though, once your information is out, what do you hope to do? It's like complaining about spammers - get a better anti-spam system. Be prepared to filter aggressively. Do not engage.

Comment Re: Has been fixed in iOS 8.4.1 (Score 1, Offtopic) 13

While ï£Music is a steaming pile of poo - and ï£Music certainly has raised havoc with my personal music library - I would say that " They flat-out break the device in order to push Apple's streaming music service." is not even close to true. I have 6 devices functioning perfectly fine on 8.4.1 (for everything except playing music via Apple's apps).

Comment Re:Dubious assumptions are dubious (Score 1) 307

I guess I look at those examples and think they are exceptional and dubious, respectively. Maybe that's just a cultural difference across the pond. If you head down to London and catch a show and don't want to walk home, I think that's about you, and maybe you catch a cab home.

Your other examples all seem like things that would likely be done before 10pm. As someone who lives in a college town and who also lived on campus at the U of Lancaster for a school year, it seems like 10pm would cover the vast majority of the use cases.

Maybe I should talk to the town council about dimming the lights.

Comment Re: Wrong! (Score 1) 374

"Solar is important. Biggest advantage is that it requires very little infrastructure. In the southern US, solar may not be as usable since it won't run an A/C, but in cooler climates, it would provide enough power for a house, assuming a decent fuel source for heating. Wind is also similar." This is one of the weirdest things I have seen written about this subject. Places with heaviest AC use benefit the most. The time when AC usage is the highest is also the time when solar energy is generating at its peak. In addition, solar panels on the roof reduce the heat load dumped into the attic for another very slight benefit. Sure, it's best in arid climates that don't need as much AC at night - humid areas need AC mostly all day. But the highest drain on AC in the hottest time of the day is when the utilities struggle to generate enough juice to keep up. This is why they will pay you $$$ to install a smart thermostat which is connected to the smart grid - so they can turn off your AC for short periods to help with the load spike. Solar is a huge benefit at that time because it can be a huge reduction in the AC spike for a couple hours a day - regardless of if the owner comes out ahead or not. Anywhere that is hot generally also has a lot of sunshine. That's good for solar. However - in many parts of the Midwest and Deep South USA - you will want to make sure you get hail resistant solar panels...

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