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Comment: Re:Well, POOP! (Score 1) 748

by forkboy (#35554970) Attached to: AT&T To Acquire T-Mobile From Deutsche Telekom

Actually, there are plenty of deals that rival that. Sprint offers an unlimited voice/text/data plan for $20 more a month than you're paying now. That may seem like a lot at first, but go ahead and have a heavy overage and you're paying that anyway. If you have a smart phone and text even moderately, your plan is no good.

Boost mobile, which uses Sprint's network, has unlimited everything for the same price you're paying. They have limitations on what phones you're allowed to have, but they have plenty of internet-enabled and smart phones.

I agree, fuck you AT&T, but don't think T-mobile is the best game in town. I've had them before and they rank barely above AT&T in my book.

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