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Comment Fear..Uncertainty..Doubt (Score 1) 628

"Today, if a Windows user finds that an update breaks something that they need, they can generally refuse that update for an extended period."

Please tell me what kind of average Windows user checks the internet for any indication of an issue with a patch? We are talking about users that refuse to set a password on the only account on the system, that is also the administrator account. Users that never update Java, Flash, etc.

If someone is tech savvy enough to hold off patching until the industry has vetted them, they wouldn't be using the Home version regardless, they'll pay the 99 dollars to upgrade to Pro.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 99

I think people are reading too much into this, in fact I think people are misreading the article.

Think about people trust information on that website? How is that different from advice on any other website, including Facebook?

Facebook already has health related stuff already. I know people who are members of health related user groups on Facebook to help with mental issues, and it is beneficial for them.

This isn't about linking your Facebook account with your medical provider's health chart database..

Comment This is a losing battle. (Score 1) 299

I used to be an Usher for a Professional Basketball team before cameras on cellphones came out. Originally any camera other then a normal Point and Shoot were banned due to media licensing rights, we would confiscate and destroy film if someone was caught using one.

When Cellphones started to have cameras and video, we were originally told to do the same. Confiscate and watch them delete the image/video...but it was so ridiculously cumbersome that that was very quickly reversed. They are so prolific and hard to catch in the act, it's near impossible to enforce.

I can't believe the lawyers for the Forest Service haven't mentioned what happened in the Sporting industry...well actually I do believe it.

Comment Re:So everything is protected by a 4 digit passcod (Score 2) 504

The same way you clone any encrypted container. You know you can image an encrypted drive? You still won't be able to access the data without decrypting it, if it's truly encrypted unlike the early iOS-we-say-it's-encrypted-but-it's-really-not fiasco, but you do have a copy of the drive.

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