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Comment: Re:This is a great idea (Score 1) 363

by fodder69 (#47171457) Attached to: Group Demonstrates 3,000 Km Electric Car Battery

I actually bet more potential EV owners are put out by the cost of the car initially than anything else. I always hear about long trip anxiety but they have these places where you can go and rent a gas car pretty cheaply for long trips. I have even heard of people doing that so they don't put miles on their regular car! Crazy.

But when you can buy a reliable used car for $10K it's hard for me to justify going out and dropping 30K for a new EV car.

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Oh, you're right, you found a situation that it isn't ideal for. Forget it, just throw in the towel, it won't work for this guy to go blow money in Las Vegas so let's just forget the whole idea.

And 220lbs? I bet you have relatives heavier than that so subtract one passenger.

And what next-gen rechargable are we waiting for that is going to be perfect for this use case?

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by fodder69 (#46821953) Attached to: BioWare Announces <em>Dragon Age Inquisition</em> For October 7th

The combat looked exactly as crappy. I saw lots of rolling and the jump/zoom 40 feet to kill monster. They are making some noise about tactical gameplay, but the guy flat out says you can play the whole thing as an action game. The same shit that made DA2 combat suck. Without even getting into all the other ways DA2 sucked (amazingly ugly, emtpy levels, backtrack over same 3 places over and over, completely uncompelling story, forgettable characters, I honestly can't remember anything I actually liked). I was actually optimistic (stupid I know) until I saw that video. Ah well, I suppose I'll just save my pennies until Witcher 3 comes out.

+ - Microsoft Goes Through Bloggers Hotmail Account

Submitted by fodder69
fodder69 (701416) writes "It's not just the NSA reading your email anymore, Microsoft has decided they are all for it when they want to. Fro The Guardian: "The engineer was caught after the blogger emailed Microsoft to confirm the authenticity of the leaked Windows 8 code. Investigators at the firm then reportedly looked through the blogger’s hotmail account and instant messenger chats to identify the source of the leak, and found an email from Kibaklo." Actually, no it's not "reportedly". From the actual criminal complaint, : "Microsoft's Office of Legal Compliance (OLC) approved content pulls og the blogger's hotmail account." Aside from the surprising fact that someone still uses hotmail, is anyone else concerned with Microsoft approving itself to look through your emails?"

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I am sure you won't be swayed, but this is bullshit: "I mean, I can buy motorcycle insurance from a national company across lines, why can't I buy health ins across state lines?"

You can buy motorcycle insurance that conforms to your states laws as far as coverage they have to provide. Not the same thing as you are saying.

And then the argument would be that it would just be a race to the bottom where companies would just set up shop wherever the politicians were cheapest and they could maximize profits.

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Not sure why I am bothering posting since you clearly won't be swayed by facts. But...

What contraceptives can you get without a prescription? I am sure as a male you are very familiar with the options, right?

And the medicaid expansion has the fed. government paying all of it for the first few years and then scales it back to the feds paying 80%. Not exactly all. Plus the simple fact that it brings a lot of money into those states and lets face it the states that have denied the expansion are the 'moochers' in that they receive a lot more federal dollars than they send in revenue. Those states could actually use the extra money that would be spent in the state.

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Right now, the ONLY thing that is preventing me from getting a Tesla is that I have to travel longer than 500 miles a few times a year, and renting a car for a week, three times a year is too expensive an option.

However, I do see the possibility of all this changing how we travel. Especially if the Autonomous automobile becomes a reality. This would allow people to travel by train / airplane and "rent" a vehicle only for getting to / from transportation hubs and local travel.

That is a whole lot of stupidity in one sentence. Even disregarding the fact that you are talking about a $60k car, renting a car for a week costs, what, let's say $300 cause you want a nice car. So $900 dollars a year. How much do you spend in gas in a year?

It's a rhetorical question since your math skills are clearly not up to simple addition.

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I sort of agree with you, but clean coal is a bit of a myth too.

The point is that we go to electric cars, we can do pollution control in a central location (ie. cheaper) plus there are alternatives to cola. For example, all of my electricity comes from the nuclear power plant down the road. Other places it could come from solar or wind.

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The point of taxes is that they fund the operations of a country that enables you to earn said wealth. Without the functions of government, I'd just beat your ass and take said money.

Oh, wait we are talking about money which in itself is some kind of government scheme.

I presume you only accept payments for your services in chickens or some other tangible goods instead of this socialist scheme of "money".

Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth. -- Nero Wolfe