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Comment: Don't hit back, walk away (Score 1) 693

Then wait for your chance when the bully is not expecting it and then let him have it so hard that he and his whole gang will forever keep clear of you. For example, when you are on the upside of a steep incline, or he is standing on the edge of steps or something that you can hit him off of. Use the advantage of the terrain.

Comment: Re:It's been politicized (Score 1) 842

Real science over 6000 years, eh? The last ice age was more than 10,000 years ago and before that, there were hundreds more. What caused these cycles? Dinosaur farts? Do you really think that since there were hundreds of swamp/ice ages before, that they have anything to do with us and they will magically stop occurring now, just because we are here? The problem with the climate alarmists is that they are hopelessly short sighted. Five hundred years isn't even a blip in geological time. The climate variability problem is much bigger than the alarmists think and there is bugger-all we can do about it.

Comment: Re:Why so much resistance to climate science? (Score 1) 842

On a geological time scale, the swings in climate were enormous. The earth changed from a sweltering swamp to a giant snow ball, many, possibly hundreds of times. We had nothing to do with that, since we didn't exist then. At the moment, the earth is warming up following the last ice age 10,000 years ago and it may be due for another ice age in a few thousand years. The cavemen must have burned fantastic amounts of non-existent wood to casue the end of the last ice age don't you think and what caused the end of the previous ice ages? Dinosaur farts?

Comment: The centre of the visible universe (Score 5, Funny) 639

The earth is the centre of the visible universe and thanks to Einstein's relativity, everything moves around us. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with the geocentrist idea, it just complicates the orbital mechanics equations when you want to fly a space ship to Mars somewhat, that's all.

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