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Comment: Hope its a laptop (Score 1) 294

by fly1ngtux (#33013470) Attached to: India's $35 Tablet Computer
Being an Indian, I will be really proud of myself -- if this really happens. However, last time when they did some stunt like this, it turned out to be a USB stick or something similar.

I sincerely hope that this time they won't repeat the same story.

Comment: Should I care? (Score 1) 141

by fly1ngtux (#31715166) Attached to: Indian Census To Collect Fingerprints, Photos
Well, I am an Indian and I don't care.

I work for a Korean MNC and they have this mandatory requirement that I should have a medical check-up before joining the company. This has to be repeated every year and the report goes to the company (HR). If I can allow a Korean company to have control over my bio samples, and allow senseless HR (from my own country) to peep into all those information, what is the harm in giving the photos and fingerprint to my government.

How many of you use biometric authentication in your offices and really trust all those software installed on the system and the sys admins who deal with your bio-ids?

Comment: How will you hear the other guy? (Score 1) 154

by fly1ngtux (#31357550) Attached to: Researchers Convert Mouth Movements Into Speech
"You could pass the time by making phone calls from the cinema without disturbing anyone. In noisy places like bars and clubs you could make yourself heard without having to shout." That looks interesting. But, in such a place, HOW WILL YOU HEAR what other person speaks? I think this has to be augmented with some speech to text technology + augmented reality stuff to make the mobile phone display in front you (without taking away the pleasure of viewing a movie from you) what is being spoken by the other guy. Feature enhancement: For privacy reasons, do make that display visible only to you :)

Comment: Re:Support not ending for IE (Score 1) 35

by fly1ngtux (#31216124) Attached to: Google Phasing Out Gears For HTML5
I doubt even if audience were using 60 or 70% Firefox, the site will ever add a feature that is not IE compatible. Unless the total number of users using IE comes to a bare minimum, admins won't really dare to stop supporting IE. Also, all these site based statistics gathering and acting upon that is possible after the site is set up. Will you plan for a Firefox only site if you are building a site fresh? How many admins will take the pain of gathering information on browser statistics for sites similar to the ones they are going to build and then decide that they will do a IE/Firefox site only?

Comment: Ignorance at its best (Score 1) 494

by fly1ngtux (#30630378) Attached to: Novelist Blames Piracy On Open Source Culture
"With the open-source culture on the Internet, the idea of ownership — of artistic ownership — goes away." Somebody need to tell him what open source is and that the fact that source is open does not have anything to do with ownership! If the guy is hinting at people are getting accustomed to getting stuff for free, again he needs to be told that most of the stuff in open source is not really free in many ways. (Many major contributions are from people who are employed by various MNCs and they get paid, In most cases, your contributions need to be given back to the community -- another form of paying for what you use --, You use a software and make it a success -- You pay the owner by making him famous...). Besides, the owners of OSS have a different mind set. They get 'paid' in ways these proprietary guys can't understand. So, my dear friend, here is my correction "With the closed-source market culture on the Internet, which promotes piracy, the idea of ownership — of any ownership — goes away." You make it, open it for reasonable cost, then there will be people to buy it.

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