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Comment Re:Multiple people? (Score 1) 135

IF anything, I would think the convergence of HDMI woudl make a computer monitor will become obsolete, because you can get a far bigger TV for a lesser price. Do they even sell monitors any more? My old VGA ones are still working so it's been awhile since I have had to shop for one.

Comment Multiple people? (Score 1) 135

Hello.. don't multiple people watch TV together any more? It is a pain when my wife and I watch 'content' and have to use a laptop. Occasionally the family gets together for a move. TVs are still required. In fact, I have computers on all my TVs because sometimes it's nice to browse while sitting back on the couch.

Comment Sports (Score 1) 393

So basically, educated jobs are becoming like professional sports / entertainers / artist jobs. It's a dream that you can spend your entire life pursuing, but you're going to put in a whole lot of work and energy into it and not get much back unless you are one of the absolute best. So you had probably better enjoy it for the sake of doing it.

Comment Re:Google: bluetooth model m (Score 1) 337

So let me get this straight... The article writer his/her self says that they had a very hard time finding one, and the only full-sized one is called 'Rapoo'. So you're suggesting I should buy something called 'Rapoo' and that I should feel comforted that my tablet keyboard needs will be met with it. Interesting. Really I lost interest in this conversation long ago because there are a great many other things that would stop me from using a tablet quite frankly. Starting by the fact that I often switch between many windows and need to sometimes see three or four windows at once.

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