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Comment: Conflicted view on this... (Score 3) 62

by flu1d (#48088915) Attached to: Vax, PDP/11, HP3000 and Others Live On In the Cloud
Having been in a small/medium business consulting realm I have seen many companies go far to long using old technology because "it works". The issue being of course that there is no support from any vendor when something doesn't. Usually my best argument for companies to get off these old systems is that the hardware will certainly fail and spare parts are increasingly difficult to find and expensive. Its great to have an option of emulation of this sort to allow companies to not have to have the huge burden of being forced to use a modern tool with most likely some considerable amount of downtime due to waiting to the last second. On the flip side of that the hidden long term costs of limping by with old, unsupported software will be even more challenging to present to those with the checkbook.

Comment: Re:Glad to see some real pushback (Score 1) 323

So what do I do when my Congressmen already publicly appose these tactics yet I have the suspicion that they privately support them? The two party system is working out well for the US. Either vote someone in who publicly discards your privacy or vote someone in who will denounce the very thing they're doing.

Comment: Re:Good times! Clearly, he's a dirtbag (Score 1) 747

by flu1d (#41491617) Attached to: <em>Innocence of Muslims</em> Filmmaker Arrested, Jailed

Supposedly he as arrested for making false statements to his probation officer. Is that something that a normal person would be jailed for?

Yeah, typically. You also go to jail for violating terms of your probation too. Lying to your probation officer, depending on the lie will typically get you a few nights in jail. Violating your probation terms typically means you go back to jail for a considerable amount of time.

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