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Comment: Re:Quid pro quo here. (Score 4, Insightful) 1116

by flitty (#46698151) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law
Sorry, False equivalency alert going off here. Donating to a single campaign for a single purpose (Prop 8) is different than donating to a politician. If you want to buy support of a politician on a single issue, it doesn't mean you endorse every single thing they've ever said or done.

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by flitty (#44678493) Attached to: Elon Musk's New Hologram Project Invites 'Iron Man' Comparisons
As someone who does this for a living, let me tell you that Elon Musk is a idea guy, not a user. These guys are a dime a dozen and often see things like iPads and flashy technology as "the future", but in implementation, they miss out on things like Ease of User Input, and Long term use strain. A spaceball and a mouse are about the best you can get for 3d space navigation for long periods of time, which is how the people who actually build this stuff use it daily.

You can see this yourself if you want to do a little accuracy experiment. Take your mouse and move it a pixel. Now, take your hand, hold it in the air, and move your hand that same amount without the help of friction on the table or the mouse to rest your hand on. Even if LeapMotion and other 3d space tracking systems were that accurate, it's not an optimal setup for actually doing work, due to strain and other issues. Now, I don't often need single pixel-accuracy, but 4-5 pixel accuracy is needed more often than you think.

Elon Musk sits in a "end item" meeting where the final design is 3d modeled and displayed on a screen, and pictorial representation of that model is manipulated using leap motion. Great. But actual engineering design work done this way? He's dreaming. Or, he's just talking about using Leap Motion et al tied to a CAD program, in which case... Who cares? He's not the first, and he's certainly not a visionary on the subject.

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Exactly! Every time I read about this story, the worst parts of the surveillance is not supported by the evidence shown either on the slides, and look like sloppy, extraordinary claims. I'd love to see the evidence that supports the claims that FISC doesn't review individual collection requests, which could mean each incident of collection (event) or "I"ndividual collection requests, meaning that a FISA warrant could grab a group of people based on FISC approved criteria.

I really do want to see this evidence, but the more I read of this story the more I think that most of the claims that the Post and Guardian are making are a misunderstanding of what their sources are actually telling them.

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by flitty (#43518011) Attached to: Futurama Cancelled (Again)
My wife and I are some of the few people out there who love Bob's Burgers. But, then again, I was a big Home Movies fan as well, which always had more cult status than actual success. When Bob's Burgers is "on", it's funnier than nearly any other show out there.

I mean, a science fair project that is a musical between Thomas Edison and the elephant he electrocuted... How is that not hilarious?

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The point is Akin is using pseudoscience (and a religiously focused "doctor") to support his religious belief about abortion. His religious beliefs dictate his view, in direct contradiction to scientific facts, which is the problem that the video is addressing.

Comment: Re:So which field of engineering (Score 2) 1774

It doesn't, and that's not what Nye is saying either. He's saying that your religious beliefs that directly dispute scientific facts makes you part of the less educated populace who makes decisions and vote in ways that are illogical.

Todd Akin's religious beliefs (and the loony doctor he listens to) makes him bad at understanding reproductive systems, and therefore bad at his job.

You and your old professor just got lucky that the bible is fairly quiet on missile systems and superstrings.

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by flitty (#41101975) Attached to: Hurricane Could Make a Mess of Republican Convention
You don't get debates from liberals because you make stuff up. Dems only had a supermajority in the senate for four months, most of which were in recess. The republicans have used the filibuster (or threatened to fillabuster) nearly every bill, basically negating the majority. Federal spending rose at anywhere between 3.2-5%, a rate below average, and if you start measuring the rate from October 2009, spending has been the slowest in 60 years Oil drilling and fraking has been approved at a faster rate under obama than Bush II. (fraking due to technology).

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by flitty (#40843385) Attached to: US Viewers Using Proxies To Watch BBC Olympic Coverage
I cannot even watch the tape delay coverage, mostly because it goes like this "And then the Chinese had this particular event, which turned out better than they ever could have expected with a near perfect execution.." and then they preceed to show the event which they just ruined the outcome of, to the point where they were pointing out "this upcoming trick had near perfect execution". I understand having a tape delay for prime time, but most olympic events are fun to watch because the outcome is unknown and so dramatic. If you're telling me the outcome before the event, it's ruined.

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by flitty (#40841731) Attached to: <em>Star Wars: The Old Republic</em> Adding Free-To-Play Option In November
If this game really is fully free (no initial cost), It is very much worth playing through with at least one class to level 50 if you're looking for Kotor 3. I'm sorry you can't pause combat, but the actual story and gameplay felt very kotor3, and was awesome until you ran out of story. There was one dungeon around level 30 that should be played by every kotor fan.

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by flitty (#40690593) Attached to: Facebook Loses Users, Satisfaction Higher at Google+
FB's failing is due to it's users, mostly. About 3-6 months ago, everyone decided that pictures with text on them is all they were going to post. Or food pictures, or Spotify playlists.

Facebook was never awesome, but it did have a lot of my friends and family posting interesting discussions and information. Then everyone ran out of things to say, so now they just post funny pictures.

A lot of this isn't just users fault though, many issues arise out of the lack of Grouping, which is something G+ fixes and is awesome at. I don't want my pictures of partying being shown to employers, or my neices and nephews which causes issues with my conservative siblings. Sorting what information I want to send to select groups easily is the main reason I wish people were using G+.

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No kidding. Catan is more fun when you get to tweak the rules to your liking. We play a variant where you play explorers, starting with some basic goods and flipping over tiles as you go. It leads to very uneven games where one player wins quickly, but it's still lots of fun, and keeps people interested in playing, rather than the standard variant where one person can pull ahead early and then the game isn't fun while you sit with no ability to even play the few cards you get. We also never play with the robber, too much direct conflict for most groups. 7 Rolls you just give half your cards to the person who rolled seven, instead of discarding them. Anyway, enough of this tangent...

Boardgames will always be better without a digital babysitter making sure you play by the rules

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.