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by flex941 (#45506675) Attached to: Toyota Announces Plans For Fuel Cell Car By 2015

I didn't talk about solar. I don't care if you are or are not against solar. Or wind or whatever. I talked abut nuclear (which is probably the best option now for mass electricity creation, yes) and the dangers associated with it some people never want to (fully) admit or just think you can engineer yor way out of those problems. Oh yes, you probably can solve imaginable technical problems. Problem is not everything you can imagine. And then there will be always the human factor (careless, greedy, bored etc).

So, ... until it goes kaboom! Or slowly leaky-leaky.

Why people always have to get off-topic if something isn't to their liking? You probably are a good candidate to be a politician.

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It didn't talk about nuclear waste. Accidents happen in nuclear facilities. It really can go kaboom. But yes ... mostly it's some simpler accident. But even "simple" accidents without big kaboom can turn into major events during following years. Look at Fukushima.

Ant that waste management and monitoring... c'mon .. if .. they ... simply ... monitor ... it. Yeah right. Keep in mind that those who monitor are human beings. And a human being has its flaws. Those flaws sometimes result in cutting corners or just some stupid decisions. Yes, the end result is not kaboom but ... destroying of environment. And what is a human without (functioning) environment? Dead meat. Dead. Rotten. Meat.

The point is. Nuclear is really-really green. Until something bad happens. And then it's worse than anything else. And give it some time - and a bad thing will happen. You know there is not one plane that's still floating in the sky. They all come down sooner or later. Nicely or not so nicely. Don't downplay this.

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I would say that e-mail headers are a part of the contents (the headers and contents are transferred after DATA command in SMTP stream) and should be protected information. The only thing that shouldn't be protected is what is used in "MAIL FROM:", "RCPT TO:", etc SMTP commands. Public information needed for mail routing and displayed prominently in every log file on the way.

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Fair, but that doesn't mean this should be featured as an article on Slashdot. C'mon! There are plenty of webpages/blogs for that 99% of population, some of them even talking about computers and how to use them too. New generation of superficial wannabe reporters and editors recruited by Slashdot too now? This is madness. The world is really going down the ****hole.

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