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Comment Re:and so they learn (Score 3, Interesting) 473

I've seen this problem all the time in my civil right practice. Most of the time it's LEOs arresting someone for disorderly conduct without knowing that the First Amendment trumps the state criminal statute in almost all cases except those where the person is practically inciting a riot.

Comment Re:oops (Score 1) 473

The 1983 in question is 42 U.S.C. 1983. It is the vehicle by which you can sue state and local government officials for Constitutional violations. Federal officials get sued under a Bivens claim, which is named for the first case to recognize such an action.

When a LEO gets sued for false arrest/excessive force, you can bet it is a 1983 case.

Comment Re:Elder Scrolls (Spoiler alert for Dragon Age 2) (Score 1) 342

I easily beat the game without said healer. Hint: use a potion to respec Merill as a full-blown blood mage. Her health never dipped below 50%.

My (biggest) problem with DA2 is that your decisions had no real consequences. It gives the illusion of choice, but then the story ends the same regardless of what you choose. The only thing you have any control over is whether your NPCs live or die.

Also, I can't stand the RPG trend of dragging you into cutscenes at the dumbest/most inconvenient times. For example, you approach the big boss' lair. You get your weapons ready, position party members at the door, have all buffs charged, open the door and . . . *cue the cutscene* you and your party casually stroll up to the big boss, have your dramatic confrontational conversation with him (even though you *know* you're just going to fight, and then . . . *cutscene ends*, and your party is standing in the worst possible place, without weapons drawn, and maybe your buffs have worn off. AAAAAAHHHHH! Also, getting dragged into a cutscene at the end of a fight against a huge number of enemies *before you get the chance to loot*, and having that cutscene take you away from the looting area entirely.

Comment Hassle-free return? (Score 1) 180

I guess it would be hassle-free if you don't consider gutting your computer to remove the motherboard so you can box it and return it a hassle. Also, this is hassle-free if you take pleasure from dealing with the driver issues from having to install a different motherboard (or a full OS reinstall if you run Windows). No hassle there. Yeah, totally hassle-free.

Comment Re:Emails can be subpoena'd (Score 1) 191

Your diary (as long as you didn't create it upon the advice of your lawyer -- making it work product) can be subpoenaed. Your personal photo albums that you never posted online and never showed to anyone can be subpoenaed. Whether your facebook postings are "public" isn't relevant. Discovery isn't limited to public documents. In fact, if it were, there would be no need for it. Of course, protective orders (judge limits what info can be obtained and/or how it is used) and in camera inspections (judge reviews the materials before they go to the requesting lawyer to weed out irrelevant or privileged materials) can be used to control abuse.

Comment Re:Texas Budget shortfall for 2011 (Score 2) 299

A budget shortfall as high as $25 billion is projected as lawmakers head into the 2011 legislative session,

Nice to know they have money to burn to spy on me...

Ah, but this is a money MAKER. Use the drones to find the grow houses. Use civil forfeiture to seize houses, cars, etc. Profit!!