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Comment: Re:One question: (Score 1) 47

It is bullshit. Or at least certainly not "at the same time". I spoke with someone who knows firsthand how this works. They transmit and receive in a time slice, so the transmitter is off when the receiver is on and vice versa. This is done fast enough that it APPEARS to be at the same time.

Comment: Re:Yay! Another OS I'll never see! (Score 2) 172

by fizzer06 (#49221331) Attached to: Google Announces Android 5.1
I received the the Android 5.0.2 update over the air on my 2012 Nexus 7 (which already had 4.4.4) and thought, "Yippee! Finally get the latest and greatest!".

Then I began to experience UI lockups and Chrome browser crashes for the first time. Performance was so bad I had to only run one app at a time so it would crash less often.

So, I had to download 4.4.4 and the SDK to re-install the OS. Some people call that a downgrade, but it was a hell of an improvement over 5.0.2. That was my first time to do that to an Android device and I was fearful of ruining it, but it worked. After the first night, the device notified me it had an upgrade (5.0.2!) downloaded and ready to install. I guess I'll learn to live with the occasional "nag", because I'n not going back to that version.

Comment: Re:Can't DRM or Root Kit Vinyl (Score 1) 278

by fizzer06 (#48720891) Attached to: Vinyl's Revival Is Now a Phenomenon On Both Sides of the Atlantic
I remember, when I was a child, my Mom had a collection of 78 rpm recordings. Those were made of a hard material, shellac lacquer I think. You could break them, but they didn't hardly warp.

Then came the soft vinyl 33 rpm albums, followed by even softer vinyl ones. DRM was inherent in that they didn't last unless you were obsessive in the care and handling.

I hate record companies.

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