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Comment: Re:One question: (Score 1) 47 47

It is bullshit. Or at least certainly not "at the same time". I spoke with someone who knows firsthand how this works. They transmit and receive in a time slice, so the transmitter is off when the receiver is on and vice versa. This is done fast enough that it APPEARS to be at the same time.

Comment: Re:Yay! Another OS I'll never see! (Score 2) 172 172

I received the the Android 5.0.2 update over the air on my 2012 Nexus 7 (which already had 4.4.4) and thought, "Yippee! Finally get the latest and greatest!".

Then I began to experience UI lockups and Chrome browser crashes for the first time. Performance was so bad I had to only run one app at a time so it would crash less often.

So, I had to download 4.4.4 and the SDK to re-install the OS. Some people call that a downgrade, but it was a hell of an improvement over 5.0.2. That was my first time to do that to an Android device and I was fearful of ruining it, but it worked. After the first night, the device notified me it had an upgrade (5.0.2!) downloaded and ready to install. I guess I'll learn to live with the occasional "nag", because I'n not going back to that version.

Comment: Re:Yes meanwhile.. (Score 1) 167 167

I have the same device (N7 2012) and the 5.0.2 OTA update from 4.4.4 was a huge mistake. Updating Facebook helped a lot, but still had occasional 10 ~ 20 second freezes. No unexpected reboots after that.

Yesterday I wiped the cache partition as recommended and so far no problems of any kind.

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