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Comment: Re:Do people even know the ban has been lifted? (Score 1) 128

by fistfullast33l (#47372489) Attached to: FAA's Ruling On Smartphones During Takeoff Has Had Little Impact

I've flown a few times since the ban was lifted. Airlines are pretty clear during the stewardess briefings what is allowed and not allowed. You can use your phone but only in airplane mode. They've updated their safety videos to include it as well in some cases.

The international flights are fun as some countries haven't lifted the ban so you never know what they're going to do. The ones I've flown don't allow it when taking off in another country, but do allow it when taking off in the US.

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by fistfullast33l (#47216247) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order

While I agree in principle that publisher's are a bit superfluous to the publishing equation, acting solely as a middle man, you did leave out one major point regarding their value add. They provide substantial marketing muscle that it's not clear Amazon would provide to an individual author alone. They arrange book and media tours as well, especially for up and coming authors. Established authors obviously have their own agents or PR people who could help with this, but new authors have neither the resources nor the experience to participate in this critical marketing tool.

As a corollary - look at the Apple or Android app stores. Obviously the larger apps have marketing muscle behind them (in the form of publishers, of course), but the day that the individual could make a lot of money is few and far between. I would argue that the window for indie developer success lasted about 6 months after the app store launched. After that, you were just one person shouting in a crowd and had no chance to break even without marketing saavy or dumb luck.

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Yep, E17 got me through grad school 8 years ago. I was running gentoo with ~x86 by default and it was an exciting time configuring that laptop. Nowadays I just don't have the energy to keep up so I just run windows on my desktop at home. I still configure my windows menus and desktop to match my old linux environment as much as possible - no desktop icons, quick launch icons, etc.

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by fistfullast33l (#46815329) Attached to: Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"

You don't get anything with basic cable these days. Most sports channels and the decent cable channels require a premium subscription. I looked at DirectTV, Dish, and Verizon before cutting the cord completely. There was no way I could keep my wife and my favorite channels like ESPN 2, NBC Sports, Bravo, etc. without spending a minimum of $70 just for the cable alone, not including boxes and remotes which they charge extra for.

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Agreed - I was paying a $200 cable/internet/phone/HBO bill a few months ago and my wife and I decided to cut costs. We got rid of cable, the whole-house DVR, and the phone and now just have the internet and Hulu and Netflix. Add in 3 chromecasts and converting my NAS to a plex server, and that dropped our monthly bill to $75, and we still get all of our shows except my wife's Bravo and my sports, which I've found various shady ways of watching on my own with no problem. It's been great, and I'd gladly pay $10 a month to keep watching their original series and movies.

I figure the only way to change the way we watch TV is for people to keep cutting the cord and forcing the broadcasters to adapt.

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by fistfullast33l (#41277503) Attached to: NYC Taxi Commission Nixes Cab-Hailing Apps

You cant call for a yellow cab in NYC, unless they come from a large private garage. But no one I know has ever done it.

This app wont work well in Manhattan anyways, since there are so many cabs. And in the outer boroughs, most people know which street to go to to hail a cab trying to go back to Manhattan.


+ - Gov't approves parts of Verizon-Cable spectrum sale, co-marketing agreements->

Submitted by fistfullast33l
fistfullast33l (819270) writes "Buffalo News is reporting that the Justice Department, FCC, and New York State Attorney General approved portions of a deal between Verizon Wireless and Cable companies Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Cox to sell parts of the wireless spectrum to Verizon for $3.9bn. It rejected the agreement between the two groups to allow Verizon to market cable services in its stores in markets where it also offers FIOS service. The spectrum will be used to increase Verizon's 4G LTE network coverage. Verizon will also sell some spectrum to T-Mobile. Consumer groups were very concerned about the cross-marketing by Verizon:

When it comes to home broadband, Verizon Communication Inc.'s FiOS provides the only significant competition to cable in many areas. Yet FiOS is costly to build out, and Verizon's commitment to the technology has faltered. Consumer groups and unions that opposed the deal between the cable companies and Verizon said it showed that Verizon was further giving up on FiOS and yielding the home broadband market to cable.


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by fistfullast33l (#37263458) Attached to: Publicly Shaming Laptop Thieves Catches Bystanders in the Crossfire

You buy electronics at crackhead prices, don't be surprised if you get burned. About as dumb as people who download hacking binaries.

TFA doesn't mention the age of type of laptop. I sold my 7 year old Dell Inspiron on eBay for $100, originally purchased for $1600. It worked just fine, except I had Linux on it and they were going to install Windows. We don't have enough details here to make a judgement either way. If it was brand new, the I say she should have used her judgement. But a few years old, then you never really know. This was a school library laptop, so it really could go either way.

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by fistfullast33l (#36419728) Attached to: Apple Sued Over Use of iCloud Name

Why, in that case, did they not defend their name against he previous owners of the cloud domain ?

I have the same exact situation with my own company. I own the .net analogue of my company's name, and someone owns the .com. They've owned the .com for several years, and have a 10-year registration according to GoDaddy. The site currently doesn't do anything - it doesn't resolve at all.

The best thing to do in this case is not to approach the person, but establish yourself and make the name worth something. Then, the cybersquatter will attempt to monetize the name and hopefully do something which can be used in a UDRP claim against them, like setting up an advert site or something.

In any case, it appears the trademark was owned by someone else and maybe iCloud didn't want to pay up. You can't go based on domain names at all - you have to use established business use as the guideline.

NES (Games)

Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 25 164

Posted by Soulskill
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harrymcc writes "On October 18th 1985, Nintendo launched its NES console in the US, reviving a near-dead video game industry and establishing Nintendo as a leader in home consoles. We've celebrated with a roundup of some of the stranger spinoffs that the NES has inspired over the last quarter century, from odd controllers to a lock parents could use to disable the console to do-it-yourself projects like an NES built into a Super Mario cartridge."

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by fistfullast33l (#33501626) Attached to: Researchers Say Happiness Costs $75K

I personally make around $35k as a young single person with no debt, and feel rich, fwiw. I can't even spend it all--- after $1k/month on rent for a nice apt near the beach, and another $1k on food/car/entertainment, my expenses are pretty much covered.

Unless you have paid the car off in full and don't lease or have a car payment, I don't see how this doesn't qualify as debt.

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by fistfullast33l (#33127878) Attached to: My Automobile Gets __ MPG

I live in NY where it costs more to park in the parking garage in my building for a month ($500) than it does for the car payment + insurance! And god forbid I'd want to drive from my apartment to my office - easily twice that monthly!

So I walk and take the subway, or occasionally a cab to work.

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Which is great for about 6 months...until they release the next version of OS X (or maybe iOS?).

So now, for my mac mini I'd have to install Leopard from scratch, then re-install Snow Leopard over it.

Either way you cut it, re-installing the OS is a pain in the neck. On Windows, it's a once-a-year activity at the very least. On Linux and Mac, I haven't found it necessary thanks to portage on Gentoo and Mac staying pretty stable for the most part, outside of the latest forced upgrade due to the XCode release.

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