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Comment: Completely unnecessary (Score 2) 126 126

Not needed. Simple as that. Our devices are getting more powerful each generation, and they worked well enough with HTML and human-readable text. This probably wouldn't even be on the table if it weren't for the bazillion advertisements and spyware on most major websites. My 2 cents at least.

Comment: Re:He's off his rocker. (Score 1) 531 531

There have historically been branches of Christianity that believed the body was the soul, so I think the issue isn't quite as settled as you think.

Excellent observation. I do present this article to you, which clarifies a bit that the words "soul" and "body" were in fact, speaking about 2 different things (although it doesn't go into too much detail). It focuses heavily on our current body's and the body we will have when we are raised up: http://www.christiandoctrine.c... Sorry for blocks of text, I rarely post on Slashdot and have no idea how to format stuff. :\

Comment: He's off his rocker. (Score 1) 531 531

I'm a Christian and his statements represent a gross misunderstanding of Christianity. "I don't see Christ's redemption limited to human beings," Reverend Dr. Christopher J. Benek ( The Bible time and time again states that Christ died for our disobedience towards God. The penalty for this disobedience is death. The only way to reconcile our disobedience to a Holy God was for someone perfect to die on our behalf. This is person is Christ. A person who follows Christ is a Christian. What reconciling does a tree/rabbit/AI need to do? (Answer: None). In Genesis, humans were given dominion over the Earth. We are responsible for what we have been given. So any AI we create, by proxy, is our responsibility. Also, In Christianity, we are in fact, a soul. Our bodies are merely vessels. All is meaningless, there is no purpose if we cease to exist after we die. Christianity is 100% pointless if we do not have a soul. So to "convert" AI is just as useful as converting trees/rabbits/etc... This line of thinking from Christopher bothers me - similar to how climate change deniers bother scientists.

Comment: sms != secure (Score 1) 25 25

I've always thought tying accounts to your phone, via SMS or Phone number was a really dumb idea. Especially when the pervasive attitude is for apps to collect as much information about you as possible and read text messages. Combined with the fact that phone numbers are moved and traded all the time from person to person... Just a bad idea overall in my opinion.

VMS must die!