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Comment: What about being Clever? (Score 1) 808

by first_tracks (#29981920) Attached to: Why a High IQ Doesn't Mean You're Smart
I like to think being Clever is the best real-world tool to have over Intelligence or Wisdom. In some ways it is the product of the two. Wisdom allows one to solve problems involving morals, emotions, culture, interpersonal relations... Intelligence allows one to solve problems involving logic, puzzles, quandaries... Cleverness addresses all of the above.

Comment: Re:I'm tired of you ethical moralists (Score 1) 554

by first_tracks (#26714841) Attached to: Human-Animal Hybrids Fail

What if I have my own island and I breed humans for food. Is that wrong? If so then why? it doesn't hurt _you_

While i agree with you that one might want to consider the community's force against you when applying extreme relativistic "gray" moral principles, the fact of the matter is, all things ethical are indeed gray. One thing's good can be another thing's bad (just use your imagination a bit). As soon as you say there are absolute morals of any sort, you are implying there is some absolute judgement, which of course there is not. Your perceived sanity is also relative. And, other animals breed/use animals for food all the time (in horrific ways humans will hopefully never realize themselves).

Comment: i totally agree (Score 1) 554

by first_tracks (#26713993) Attached to: Human-Animal Hybrids Fail

Whatever happened to doing things because we *could*, rather than because we should?

I totally agree. Also, if I felt someone who is creating suffering sentient mutants needed to be killed, I *could* do that.

But seriously, all morals are obviously relative. I mean what if it turns out humans are to be a very bad addition to the universe. Like all other intelligent aliens out there are magnitudes more peaceful and we are like the equivalent of Species 8472. So, any actions leading to the destruction of the human race would be considered a "good" thing.

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