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+ - OpenStreetMap Launches a new easy to use HTML5 editor

Submitted by SWroclawski
SWroclawski (95770) writes "On the heels of the news that OpenStreetMap is allowing anonymous contributions with its "note" system, the project has launched a new in-browser editor called iD, which is not only easier to use, but written completely in Javascript, using the D3 library for rendering.
With all these improvements, OpenStreetMap is gaining popularity and has started a new campaign for additional hardware to support all the new contributors."

+ - OpenStreetMap adds easier reporting of map problems

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "OpenStreetMap recently topped 1 million registered users. Now they are trying to make the barrier to entry for contributing to the project even lower. A new "notes" feature, announced on the project's blog, allows anonymous users to submit bug reports which will alert mappers in the area to incorrect or incomplete map information. The feature also allows for commenting on notes, potentially enabling two-way communication between a mapper and a bug reporter if more information is needed."

Comment: OpenStreetMap has not asked for anything. (Score 5, Interesting) 304

by firefishy (#33406482) Attached to: Can an Open Source Map Project Make Money?
I'm part of the OpenStreetMap sysadmin team... We think it is great that Bing is using our open map data! Hell them using our data is great promotion for our project. We currently have no need to ask them for anything back and I'm sure if we tapped them, they would be supportive. Our project is about creating great open map data, not about becoming rich. Is Bing working on improve OpenStreetMap's open data further? Quite likely. They win, we win.
Sun Microsystems

Oracle Buys Sun 906

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the there-can-be-only-one dept.
bruunb writes "Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) and Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Oracle will acquire Sun common stock for $9.50 per share in cash. The transaction is valued at approximately $7.4 billion, or $5.6 billion net of Sun's cash and debt. 'We expect this acquisition to be accretive to Oracle's earnings by at least 15 cents on a non-GAAP basis in the first full year after closing. We estimate that the acquired business will contribute over $1.5 billion to Oracle's non-GAAP operating profit in the first year, increasing to over $2 billion in the second year. This would make the Sun acquisition more profitable in per share contribution in the first year than we had planned for the acquisitions of BEA, PeopleSoft and Siebel combined,' said Oracle President Safra Catz."

+ - OpenStreetMap buying satellite images to map Gaza->

Submitted by
LeedsTracker writes "Recognising that current online maps of Gaza are not great, Mikel Maron is leading a project within OpenStreetMap to put that right. Monies have (mostly) been raised to buy satellite pictures, and OpenStreetMappers have volunteered to trace features from the imagery when it arrives. They're going to need help from people familiar with Gaza's geography who can match names to traced roads, buildings, towns etc. Obviously, people actually in Gaza have higher priorities at present, but ex-pats and aid workers (for example) could be helpful here."
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