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Comment Re:No. (Score 5, Interesting) 699

My college doesn't require us to install anything to access the network. Of course that's mainly for two reasons: 1. If you're going to Harvey Mudd, you probably have mastered the basics and possibly several of the upper reaches of computer and internet security and those who haven't usually learn fast from their peers that do. 2. Honor Code. This is actually one of the basic tenets of Mudd, not just of computer usage, and it basically means "Use common sense and when that fails report yourself." It sounds crazy I know. You'd think it'd cause a breakdown of justice and total anarchy because no one would obey the rules which might very well happen on many larger campuses. But when you consider the kind of people that attend Mudd and its small size, it actually works darn well. Hell, it's worked for over 50 years and Mudd still turns out incredibly bright students either in spite of or because of the Honor Code depending on your view point. People actually do report themselves when they cause problems and there is a student run judiciary board for those who don't which runs quite efficiently. All in all, the policy causes less stress and anxiety for both the administration and the students than invasive strategies like the one described in the article.

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