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Comment Re:Wow, only 13 years after screwing up Linux... (Score 1) 815

Nah, Linux isn't "better" than Windows. It just sucks less.

I still have a laptop running Crunchbang ( at home to be used as a gateway. I also have a USB key with Knoppix ( However, most things just don't work well with Linux, and booting a VM isn't that much fun.

I did my best to integrate into work, but it just got too much. Here's the presentataion I did at the southern california linux expo a few years back...

Comment Wow, only 13 years after screwing up Linux... (Score 2, Interesting) 815

I'm still not happy about his whole, "Qt isn't OSS so I'm writing GNOME to compete with KDE" move back in the late '90s. Though I appreciate Ximian, I fail to see why he's even relevant these days.

I was a HUGE Linux fanboi in the late '90s through about 2010. I agree with him, however, that Linux just doesn't work as a day-to-day end-user platform anymore. As it is, I'm mostly using my Nexus tablet and Galaxy phone for tasks, and then resort to Wintendo when I need.

Comment I find my CS staff never use math... (Score 1) 583

...however they use logic a great deal.

Keep in mind when old-timers like me were in college, CS was about determining how to best utilize the 640 KB of memory you had available. You needed to understand more math than now.

OTOH, I actually think that multiple languages are a must for programmers these days. I - for one - speak/write German and Spanish. I have seven programmers with CS degrees and an additional six analysts with CIS degrees working for me.

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