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Comment Re:Taxis = artificial barriers to competition (Score 1) 204

Look at insurance policies and such and DECIDE if you feel safe with the insurance you's your choice to drive people around but if an accident happens, the driver is the person in the car that needs to cover the damages if liability falls on that car, not the passengers. That means DRIVER insurance may not cover all the damage and the driver themselves have to fork over the cash...
Problem is if you ride on someone's car you assume they will cover in case of the worst, but that may not happen and probably wouldn't happen for commercial drivers if the driver or company could get away with it: that's the difference that matters : how often do you have passengers and how many. Requiring more coverage for commercial drivers to have more coverage and training is a way to mitigate the number of times a person gets injured as a passenger and doesn't realize until too late the driver doesn't have it covered. Commercial drivers have a higher tendency to drive with passengers in the car, hence making them have better coverage at least tries to cover the case.

Comment who do you call for help (Score 1) 283

Most of the comments seem to be focused on the paranoid idea (justifiable in a lot of cases) that the US is doing a land grab.
What about from the other way? you have a moon base (say Space X or such went there "because it's there") and China's rocket lands 10 feet away a few years later. They open the door and tell you to get off their land. Who do you go to to keep 'em from doing that?
Jurisdiction issues cut both ways.

Comment not a weak projector, think big-screen laptop (Score 1) 44

I assume the projector can't light up a screen as well as the big ones, but a small shift in thinking makes me wonder if this has some use: if you do business travel, would this make a good large-screen laptop? With the bonus of being able to project for small groups? Would you need to bring some kind of screen to project on for daily use? or would a cube wall work?
the only disadvantage I see for this use is no battery, but I usually plug in anyway if it's available (and it usually is). Still need a keyboard but with the size, not much added to the travel bad for a small one, and more ergonomic (lot of people do carry keyboards nowadays anyway with a laptop because of ergo concerns).

Comment Re:Hell Yes! (Score 1) 251

the space orb was much better, ask my old roommate from college days. He hated mine since I could keep the crosshair on him while not pausing in flying through a chamber...nothing like casually navigating a complex room and just taking him out in passing while heading on...
OK, time to dig up some old discs now...
the space orb may be the other controller you're thinking of: although it has 6 buttons at least, can't remember if there are more than that.

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