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Submission + - Nexus 4 demand crashes Google Play Servers, sold out in 25 minutes.->

figleaf writes: The must awaited Nexus 4 went on sale for US customers on Nov 13 at 8:36 AM PST. Unfortunately, the launch was anything but smooth. Several eager buyers were unable to procure the coveted device because of various server errors. Many users who were able to add the Nexus 4 to the shopping cart found that they could not complete their transaction. Even the customer service representatives were unable to access the internal servers during the time when the Nexus 4 was on sale. 25 minutes after Nexus 4 went on sale both the 8GB and 16GB versions were sold out.
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Comment Re:Love the attempt, but... (Score 2) 378

I am not sure what is your glitch or why it is not fast for you.
I can say that Microsoft has really beaten the pants off Chrome with the release of IE9 as far as speed is concerned.

Its much faster for me than Chrome and now it has Ad blocking / tracking blocking, per site flash blocking, plays well with high DPI monitors among many other nice features.
I only wish they had made the 64-bit version faster too (but I can wait for the next release).

Comment Also XBox / Windows Media Center in fray (Score 1) 226

I used Media Center to stream to my TV for quite some time before the novelty wore off.
MCE is great because you can stream any media (some with additional addins).

My TV watching hours have gone down to zero.
Nowadays I just use XBMC whenever I need the 10-foot experience.

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